Tuesday Reverie: Improving the GPS

25th Sep, 2012

I’m just saying … I think it would encourage me to pay better attention to the directions. -…

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Tuesday Reverie: Cultural Relativism … and Puppies!

28th Feb, 2012

I used to think that my father’s pug was clinically insane. Then I decided that I was being…

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Tuesday Reverie: Why Edward Can’t Use my Camera

21st Feb, 2012

I like to describe my brother as a triple threat: he’s an actor. And an asshole. And he’s…

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Happy Billy Ray Valentine’s Day

14th Feb, 2012

It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m sure a lot of you are prematurely wincing in anticipation of the sappiness…

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Tuesday Reverie: Unflattering Photos

Just a reminder kids, that vanity will get you nowhere. It’s why Charlize Theron got an Oscar after…

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Tuesday Reverie: Landmark Photographs

7th Feb, 2012

I am starting a new feature on the blog. I hope it will serve me manifold: that it…

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