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A funny thing happens the week after your team makes it to the Superbowl.

In the beginning, you’re kind of confused and dazed.

Did it actually happen? Did we actually beat the 49ers?

And gradually, gradually, acceptance sets in. Yup. It happened. The Seahawks are going to the Superbowl, for only the second time ever. Almost immediately after you’ve accepted that reality, as absurd as it sounds, something else happens. Something crazy.

You start to believe, deep down, even though you know it’s absolutely insane, that it could happen. That maybe, maybe …

You can’t even type the thing that you are thinking, because it sounds too crazy.

You tell your husband about this crazy notion that’s entered your head, and, ever the realist, he smiles and shakes his head at you.

“Honey, no. It’s the Broncos. And Peyton Manning.”

And you nod, because he’s right, obviously. But … still …

“Why not?”

And he laughs again. And you do, too. Of course. It’s silly. It really is. Still, it lingers.

Why not?

And whatever happens next week, you suspect that question will stick around in your head and heart. It will remain, as long as you love this grey little town. And, holy crap, do you love it.

(So that’s where I am this week. Enjoy these links.)


We’re back in grey Seattle, and plan to be for the next few weeks.

It’s kind of great to be home. It’s chilly and wonderful here (perfect weather for making soup and cookies and puddings). Plus, the Seahawks are in the playoffs. I considered casting all sorts of gentle hexes on the Saints (I don’t want the opposition to get hurt, but I don’t want them to win, either). Apparently I need to carve the names of all the Seahawk players into a candle and let it burn for several hours? I think I read that somewhere.

I don’t know. That sounds complicated. So I’m just going to bake a batch of cookies for my friends with Louisiana-roots and know that whatever happens, they’ll be happy. And that’s enough.


Design geeks and Pixar fans, rejoice! This look at the architecture of The Incredibles is worth your time.


There are fish in Africa that can jump out of lakes and eat birds. I am both terrified and fascinated.


It’s once again sunny here in Seattle, and yesterday, during Thursday Night Football, the commentators could not stop talking about how awesome the Seahawks are (and we weren’t even playing).

So, clearly, clearly, sometime in the last few weeks I’ve managed to fall into some weird parallel universe. I’m not sure how to get back to my world – or even if I want to. While I ruminate over that very, very difficult question, you enjoy these links.


Nelson Mandela died yesterday. Here’s his obituary from The New York Times, and a collection of photos from his life, via Slate. Oh, and here’s my not-so-brief rundown on the history of apartheid in South Africa from earlier this year.


Cats and mirrors: a “scientific” study (And as IF it couldn’t get any better: French narration with English subtitles).


Today is the fiftieth anniversary of JFK’s assassination. Half a century later, it seems that the event still horrifies and captivates us. No aspect of it has gone unscrutinized. I’ve been devouring the Kennedy coverage – on everything from the suit Jackie wore on that day to the story of the AP writer who served as a pallbearer for Lee Harvey Oswald.

I’m not entirely sure reading all of this is good for my psyche. If you find you are in the same boat, and need a reprieve, check out the links below. They are not very educational. They are not terribly insightful. But they are fun to read.

And on a day as somber as today, that might be a good thing.


Beautiful, close-up portraits of fish.


A comedian live tweets a couple breaking up on the roof of his apartment. It’s cringe-worthy and painful, but totally engrossing. Kind of like


After a glorious October and a wonderful start to November, it seems that the rain has finally caught up with us here in the northwest. As I stare at the droplets streaked across my office window, I realize that I have very little motivation to change out of my pjs on this grey morning.

While I see if I can convince my husband that what I’m wearing constitutes “being dressed”, you enjoy these links.


A writer challenges hackers to investigate him. It’s not surprisingly how much they learn about him – but it is alarming how easily they do it.


Check out An Open Letter to Grandpa – a beautiful, brief comic about love and loss.


Happy November, everyone.

And yes, I know: Halloween is over. But much of these links still pay homage to that spooky and wonderful holiday (and they’re perfectly suitable for the Day of the Dead, too).

Plus, if you are anything like me, you are nursing quite the candy hangover, and are presently trying to figure out where you left your shoes last night.

I have a weird feeling I should check the fridge. While I do that, you enjoy these links.


Mandy Patinkin, a.k.a. Inigo Montoya, reveals his favorite line from The Princess Bride. And no, it’s not the obvious choice.


A list of bizarre home-remedies from the 1700s. My favorite is the cure something called The Iliac Passion. Hint: it involves a puppy, in the best possible way.


Do you ever have those mornings where you find yourself spray painting a fake ax guitar for your husband’s Halloween costume, and thinking that maybe, just maybe, you’ve outgrown this whole Halloween thing? That perhaps adulthood means that you don’t get dressed up in silly outfits and binge on two pounds of candy every October 31st?

No? Me, neither.

I’m off to finish my hubby’s costume. You enjoy these links.


Rand has been ridiculing my pumpkin obsession all month – the ubiquity of pumpkin-flavored everything makes this one of my favorite times of year. Currently on my to-bake list: Pumpkin Salted Caramel Snickerdoodle Bars (seriously, there is no one part of that I don’t love).


Did you know that you can change your Twitter username and display name as often as you like? Which means that as we approach Halloween, a bunch of savvy users are opting for some spooky handles.


I love fall. I LOVE it. Especially when we actually get fall-like conditions, and not just, say, more rain. We’ve been having crisp days here in the northwest, with foggy mornings and sunny afternoons and lots of leaves crunching beneath our feet.

In honor of that, I’ve been drinking copious amounts of tea and eating way too much pumpkin everything (seriously, pumpkin is magic). I’m off to look up some pumpkin-whoopie pie recipes. In the meantime, you enjoy these links.


“Fat Shaming Week” is apparently some misogynistic bullshit that’s currently floating around the internet. It’s ridiculous and awful in ways I can’t fully articulate. But the responses to it? Totally amazing.


Middle + Off combines seemingly disparate photos in a beautiful way. (There’s some tasteful nudity in there, too, so be warned.)