The Week: January 24, 2014

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Jan 24, 2014

A funny thing happens the week after your team makes it to the Superbowl.

In the beginning, you’re kind of confused and dazed.

Did it actually happen? Did we actually beat the 49ers?

And gradually, gradually, acceptance sets in. Yup. It happened. The Seahawks are going to the Superbowl, for only the second time ever. Almost immediately after you’ve accepted that reality, as absurd as it sounds, something else happens. Something crazy.

You start to believe, deep down, even though you know it’s absolutely insane, that it could happen. That maybe, maybe …

You can’t even type the thing that you are thinking, because it sounds too crazy.

You tell your husband about this crazy notion that’s entered your head, and, ever the realist, he smiles and shakes his head at you.

“Honey, no. It’s the Broncos. And Peyton Manning.”

And you nod, because he’s right, obviously. But … still …

“Why not?”

And he laughs again. And you do, too. Of course. It’s silly. It really is. Still, it lingers.

Why not?

And whatever happens next week, you suspect that question will stick around in your head and heart. It will remain, as long as you love this grey little town. And, holy crap, do you love it.

(So that’s where I am this week. Enjoy these links.)


I’m super excited to hang out with my pal Danny this afternoon. He’s got an amazing blog, and has all kinds of crazy adventures. Here’s he describes how he ended up in North Korea.


That blissful place where geekiness and romance intersect: a math genius hacks OK Cupid in order to find love.


Sina, one of the largest websites in China, is holding its annual photojournalism contest. My favorite entry is this one, entitled “Man Vision Take in Kitten Theme Pavilions.”


Artist Lee Matarazzo’s photography series, Disrupted Domestic Acts is all kinds of wonderful. I, too, have struggled with opening a soup cans. (Via my amazing pal Jessica Spiegel.)


“Aunt Sharon got out again.” More Bad Lip Reading of the NFL.


A new, just-unveiled statue of Nelson Mandela has a little something extra hiding in the ear. Officials are not happy.


Some folks decided to live-tweet Lifetime‘s redux of Flowers in the Attic. I am so sad I missed all of this, and OMG HEATHER GRAHAM WAS IN IT?


One of my favorite Seahawks, Richard Sherman, has been under some serious scrutiny for his impassioned antics after our last win over the 49ers. Isaac Saul’s take on what the Sherman backlash says about our country.


My friend Luke took this photo of my husband, and I just can’t get enough of it. #excessivehandsomeness


My apologies to my California-based readers, but this is just too wonderful to share: Macklemore freaking out on the sidelines at Sherman’s game-winning play. His caption says it all: “One of the best moments ever.”


That’s it for me this week. I’m off to go spend time in the city that I love, on this sunny day.




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