Honey’s Sit-N-Eat, Northern Liberties, Philadelphia

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Dec 4, 2013

If you have had a rough night (or perhaps several of them in a row) and you find yourself in Northern Liberties, in Philadelphia, I suggest you go to Honey’s Sit-N-Eat for breakfast.

The place is somewhat noisy, and it seems to be bustling with people on most mornings. The air smells like coffee and grease and smoke, which is comforting after a restless night.

If you go, you will find that no one will judge you for your wrinkled clothes or your disheveled hair or your bloodshot eyes. The waiter will simply ask if you want coffee, and then will make sure that your cup is never empty.

There is plenty on the menu to choose from, ranging from the reasonably healthy to the dangerously irresponsible. How calorically careless you wish to be should correlate to how difficult the last few days have been for you.

For example, if things have been pretty darn okay, and you just spent your time wandering around museums and getting lost in downtown Philadelphia, then there’s no need to go crazy. Eggs and a latke with a biscuit is a perfectly good way to go.

Note that the biscuit buttery and soft, and the latke tastes like a sin. Both are wonderful.

You may even be inclined to get a side of brussel sprouts, charred and oily and flavored with bacon, in some half-hearted attempt to be healthy, and that’s okay, too.

If, however, you have had a very difficult couple of days, because you’ve done something crazy like decide that you and one of your good friends should try to run each other’s companies for a week, feel free to indulge. Honey’s will have everything you need to do so.

I would recommend the monte cristo – a batter dipped, grilled ham and cheese sandwich, with two fried eggs on top. It is served with a small pitcher of syrup and, for reasons that completely escape me, a few leaves of lettuce on the side. Perhaps they are there because life can’t always be easily explained, so why should breakfast?

I mean, is it supposed to be a salad?

As though you need salad at a time like this. Ridiculous. The real estate on your plate could just as easily have been dedicated to hashbrowns. Or bacon. Or more syrup.

And as you sit and enjoy your meal, you find that the rough night, or the rough week, or the rough past few months start to dissipate. You’ve managed to drown them in syrup and coffee and good company.

You feel relaxed, for the first time in days.

And you are smiling, for the first time in days.

And when you emerge from the restaurant, you find that the sun is out and shining, for the first time in days.


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  • Hi Geraldine, I read some of your older posts today and just had to comment, but in a current post, so hopefully you will see it. I read your responses to a couple of haters pointing out your typos…brilliant, I say, just brilliant! 🙂

    Anyway, then I listened to an interview you did with Nomadic Matt…I was on the elliptical and the time just flew by. I chuckled through my huffing and puffing about the “typos in blogging” discussion. Also, you had a great many tips for newbie bloggers like me, so thank you!

    I really enjoy your humor, frankness and writing style, so you are definitely one of the bloggers I will be watching as I grow as a writer. My goal is to eventually leave my corporate job, semi-retire, and travel with my husband in an RV towing our two motorcycles, and write about that. Similar, but different. All we will be lacking will be a salary! 🙂

  • Lizzzzz

    All I can say about Honey’s is Vegetarian Chilli with crumbled FRITO topping… Oh my!

  • I was in Philadelphia for the marathon and stumbled upon this place. I had just flown in from India at 5am and my internal clock was whack, so I went ahead and ordered frito pie at 9:30am. I stand by that decision.

  • I’ve never been to Northern Liberties for breakfast although I’ve had some pretty awesome breakfasts elsewhere in my home city. Was that really Nutella French Toast on the menu chalkboard?

  • I love the way you describe the menu, it’s rare to find a place that effectively spans the “reasonably healthy to the dangerously irresponsible” scope and maintains it’s charm. Good call on the eggs and latke, we had that for dinner last night — with bison steaks.

  • I would fly to Philly just to have a meal that involves latkes, dippy eggs, and veggies n’ bacon living on the same table. How did you find this Gem? I need to know how to discover one in LA.

  • Rew

    Honey’s is great: I often stop at the new South Street location for some huevos rancheros after a rough night shift at the Children’s Hospital. Next time you’re in town, be sure to check out the equally majestic Green Eggs Cafe or Sabrina’s (especially the one next to the Italian Market).

  • That Monte Cristo with eggs on top looks so good. The lettuce is a real concern. There is a huge chance that it could mistakenly absorb grease from the sandwich, runny yokes from the eggs, or some of the syrup throwing off the entire balance on the plate.

    Living in Tokyo I don’t always get great american breakfasts so love to see things like this when I visit the US again…

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