How to tell if you’ve found the perfect travel partner

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Aug 9, 2011

Rand and I were meandering around Vancouver a few weeks back (I had dragged him out there on one of the few weekends he was not on the road so that I could attend a travel conference. RECIPROCITY FOR THE WIN!) and we kept seeing things which cracked us up.

Now, mind you, I don’t know if the average person would have found this stuff funny. But Rand and I did. We laughed. A lot. We took ridiculous photos. I realize that some folks dream of traveling the world with Anthony Bourdain or Rick Steves, but I don’t think I could find a better travel partner than Rand. Because who else would giggle maniacally with me in the middle of a street, until it’s not so much giggles but just shaking, soundless fits?

Like I said: I doubt most people would have found this stuff funny. But Rand and I did. And hopefully you will, too. Enjoy.


Like, for the weekend?

This is the graffiti that started all the silliness. I think it’s the combo of the “OMG” and the notion that Jesus is back. Like he returned from college or something.

And then this happened:

We are going to hell.

From that point on Rand decided he’d just take every sign he saw personally.

ZOMG. Someone tell Jesus. I heard he's back.

Yes, you!

He even, bless his evil heart, posed for a generic, “Who me?” photo, so I could misuse it whenever I wished. And I did. The city of Vancouver was ripe with opportunity.

Just ... wow.

Dream on, Mister.

Juvenile? Yes. And a little non-sensical. But I kept doing it.

I don't even know what this means.

This somehow feels wrong.

I just remembered that Rand’s grandmother knows about my blog. Perhaps I can end on a high note.

Oooh, sugar pie!

Yes. Absolutely. Go for it.

I think someone has a new nickname.

See what I mean? Rick Steves and Anthony Bourdain got nothing on my Sugar Pie.

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