10 Photos From Memorial Day: Astoria, Seaside, and Portland

24th Jul, 2012

It’s grey in Seattle. And chilly. I’m sitting here in my office, contemplating grabbing a sweater. For the…

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Nostalgia in Astoria: Antique Stores and The Goonies

23rd Jul, 2012

- I’m such a sucker for old things. Whether it be grey-haired octogenarians or day-old pastries, I find…

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Must. Eat. Everything. (The Astoria Sunday Market Edition.)

10th Jul, 2012

- Friends, let me tell you something: steroids are terrible. Many of you are probably wondering why a…

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Food Porn Friday: Blue Scorcher Cafe, Astoria, OR

14th Jun, 2012

I know it’s not technically Friday, but I’m hungry and thinking about food right now, so time means…

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