WTF Weds: The Geese in the Back Bay Fens, Boston

30th Jan, 2015

I know this is a WTF Wedsnesday post, and today is Friday. What can I say, folks? Laziness…

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Scenes From In and Around Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia

3rd Nov, 2013

- One thing that has always struck me about the northeast United States is how many darn town…

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The Miami Beach Botanical Garden

1st Jul, 2013

The Miami Beach Botanical Garden was a bit of a disappointment. – Having grown up in Florida, I…

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The English Garden, Munich, Germany

1st May, 2012

- The English Garden (or Englischer Garten, for those of you who insist on showing off the B…

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The Highline Park, New York City (Revisited)

30th Aug, 2011

I love New York. I’ve visited enough times that the magic, really, should have worn off by now.…

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