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Life is not convenient.

You are most likely not shocked by this revelation, right? I mean, you probably suspected that life wasn’t meant to be convenient from a very early age. Like when you were curled up in bed during winter break, all snug and cozy, and you realize that you desperately have to pee.

Or when you created a truly awesome fort from the pillows on the couch, and you managed to hole yourself up inside with, say, a flashlight and a book or two, and the set-up is ABSOLUTELY DYNAMITE, but you can’t exit the fort without destroying it. And at that moment, you realize you desperately have to pee.

Of course, there are more examples of life not being convenient that don’t involve having to pee, but guess what?

Yeah. I’ll be right back. (Runs off to the bathroom).

Okay, where was I? Right. I was complaining about the inconvenience of life. Or, not really complaining, really, but simply stating a fact. Life, even when it is really good, is by no means simple. And when it’s bad … oy.