The Miserable Life of Anton, a Bavarian Pug.

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Apr 23, 2012
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This is Anton.

Anton’s life is miserable.

At least, that’s the impression that Anton seems to cultivate. His eyes scream of suffering and neglect. Look how he begs to be picked up, but is completely ignored by the target of his pleading. She merely stares blankly at him, occasionally snapping a photo or two. And then? Nothing.

"Dear god, woman, WHY WON'T YOU HOLD ME?"

She doesn’t pick him up. She doesn’t even have him sign a release waiver for his photos. He’s treated like a second class citizen.

And that’s just the start of his suffering.

Look at the breakfast everyone is having.

Wiesswurst with pretzels. Anton’s favorite. But is he offered any? No. He’s not even allowed near the tabletop (don’t worry –  he’ll get plenty later, because Anton’s owners are actually huge softies. They feed him sausage and liverwurst almost daily. But the point is that Anton wanted some NOW and he didn’t get any).

"I hate you all."

No one understands poor Anton. No one.

Well, almost no one. There’s one guy who seems to understand. But even so, Anton seems pretty miserable.

Poor, poor Anton.

His life is terrible.

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  • I adore that first picture of him- it says so much!
    Misery never looked so cute 🙂

  • A very nice pic!

  • I think a 9-1-1 to Pug Protection Services is in order.

  • This post made me laugh haaaard! hahaha

  • Eliz
  • I love all your posts, but I think this is my favourite. EVER.

    Pugs!! In Bavaria! Pretzels! So much AWESOME in one post!

    Tell Anton that if he’d like to start a new life in Canada, I would take him in in a HEARTBEAT <3

  • Plus I’m sure he sounds like a fat guy when he breathes and that just seals the deal. Life sucks when no one loves you and all you have is fat breathing.

  • Mark

    I love the purple socks! Oh and the dog is cute too. 🙂

  • Jo

    I Love Anton.

  • CatCatAttack

    Next to last photo- Is she buying it?
    Last photo- Sh*t, she caught me.

  • Dan

    Obvious obstacles aside, this difference the real reason it would never work between us, Everywhereist. My arms would’ve been too full of happy pug for me to hold a camera.

    Seriously, though, I found this post delightful 🙂

  • Needa Life

    Your blog is the only travel blog I read or know about (thanks New York Times list) so I have nothing to compare it to, but from what little I can conjecture, yours could quite possibly be the most consistently funny and charming of all. But, there is one gripe, and it’s a small but big one. It’s the typo(s)! I’m mentioning this now because there’s a tiny one in this entry and it deeply unnerved me. I know I’m being a real stickler about this, but even the smallest mistake could sunder your reputation with the grammar nazis, and trust me they matter. I also know that you may be writing and submitting some entries at 2 in the morning, working on little to no sleep, and if that’s the case, then god or whatever bless you for making so few mistakes. But, I will ask you, before you shut down the computer and go off to sleep, read over the entry just one more time, because honestly, reading over a little error in such a finely written blog can seem like a blow.

    • Your name says it all

      • Needa Life

        Just to add more insult to injury…
        You forgot that period. 😉

        • kokopuff

          You don’t capitalize the word after an ellipsis.

        • Needa LIfe

          It’s true, kokopuff, that you have taught me a very important life lesson which will go on to spare me future embarrassment, but damn, I feel so unfulfilled now. Thank you, though.

  • If Anton could read this, he’d probably say “sigh. She didn’t get it.”

    What a cutie!

  • Paige

    This is so darn cute, and those last two picks made me think fondly of this

  • That’s so cute how he snuggles in between your legs. My parents family cat does that with my Dad 🙂

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