The Week: April 18, 2014

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Apr 18, 2014

I’m home, and trying to fall back into the swing of things. Back into writing. Back into sleeping in my own bed. Back into culling the internet for awesome links.

I’m still weirdly jet-lagged (3:00pm nap, anyone?) but I’m getting there. Enjoy.


The unexpected octegenarian fashionistas of NYC’s Chinatown.


Olivia Waite is a romance novelist who reviews other romance novels (and really, who’s better qualified to offer criticism?). Her skewering of Frankly, My Dear is absolutely brilliant – I don’t want to read the novel she reviews, but I do want to check out Waite’s work.


The math geeks (and I mean that affectionately, of course) over at Five Thirty Eight completed a statistical analysis of painter Bob Ross’ work. A surprisingly revelation: not everything he painted features a “happy little tree.”


 True Detective quotes + Family Circus comics = one disturbingly hilarious Tumblr blog.


Photographer Vyacheslav Mishchenko takes a close-up look at the lives of snails. The way some of those slimy little suckers posed for the camera, you’d swear they knew he was there.


FIND OTHER WAYS OF EXPRESSING YOUR AFFECTION. A smitten pilot performs some crazy moves in order to write a love note in the sky. Only one problem: he was flying a Boeing 767 … full of passengers.


Reminder: the first amendment protects you from arrest. It doesn’t make you exempt from scorn if you say stupid stuff.


I may have mentioned this already, but it’s worth saying twice (or possibly thrice?): For the entire month of April, any miles you donate to Make-A-Wish will be matched by United Airlines (up to a total of 4 million miles). And let’s be honest: those miles aren’t going to make anyone’s dreams come true if they’re just sitting in your account, right?


Just when you thought you were seasons away from the horror of eggnog, this happened.


Boyfriend Twin is a delightful little tumblr featuring photos of men who are dating men THAT LOOK JUST LIKE THEM. (The closest I’ve come to resembling my dear hubby is my facial hair.)


Happy weekend, everybody! Whatever your affiliations, be sure to enjoy the chocolate bunnies.



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  • The snails… I have no words. That was too cute.

  • That xkcd comic should be required reading for, basically, everybody.

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  • I couldn't resist.
  • Me: I'm thinking of writing, 'Sixteen years ago these two kids went out on their first date.' What should be the next line?
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Me: Damn it.

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