The Week: August 26, 2011

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Aug 26, 2011

I’m home for a little while, enjoying what’s left of the Seattle summer (it was late to arrive – let’s hope it will be late to leave, too). After days on the road, it’s fantastic to have access to my entire closet, a fridge full of food, and that lovely group of vagabonds, drop-outs, and ne’er-do-wells that I call my friends. Appropriately enough, most of this week’s links are courtesy of my pals. I hope you enjoy the sites they recommended, while I go enjoy their company.


The new lorem ipsum (the place-holder text that is often used when mocking up websites) is hipster ipsum. You’ve probably never heard of it. (via Philip, whose glasses aren’t just an accessory)


My love for John Stamos is no secret. So you can imagine my delight when a friend sent me an instructional cuddle video starring Uncle Jesse himself (I may have drooled on my desk while watching it. I wish I was kidding. I really do. There was a little puddle next to my keyboard).

This next link wasn’t from one of my friends, but it features Seattle-native Joel McHale , so I’ve decided that counts. “Safety first, Jeff Winger.

And because I seemingly can’t post a round-up without mentioning Star Wars, check out this a-little-too-adorable video of Jedi Kittens (via Jodi Ettenberg, who is quite adorable herself)


Virgin Atlantic is offering “weep-warnings” before in-flight films. If a tearjerker is about to play, a message will appear on the screen alerting the passenger that they may become a blubbering mess over the next 90 minutes. I think the real folks who could benefit from this are parents traveling with kids. I remember being on a flight where an 11-year-old girl woke up her father with her hysterical crying seeing Benjamin Button. Watching him try to figure what the hell was wrong with her was both excruciating and hilarious. (via Dan, who is just wonderful)


Food-blogger extraordinaire The Gastrognome shares two of her favorite places to eat in the Pike Place Market. I feel giddy about this post because that was my order of carbonara she photographed (plus, locals can enter to win a prize by sharing their own favorite place to eat in the Market).


An artist mocks the ridiculous poses found in fashion magazines by having regular women attempt them in real life. My absolute favorite part is the sheer concern from passers-by. If you are going to bend and twist like that while holding a clutch purse, surely something must be clinically wrong with you. (via the phenomenal Jackie, who I really want to meet in real life someday)


This is so profoundly bizarre (and a little sad, somehow): Libyan rebels find a photo album of Gadhafi’s, chock full of photos of Condi Rice.


My friend Rudy is consistently capturing the beauty of my hometown. We had a remarkable sunset the other night in Seattle, which I virtually ignored. Thankfully, he did not.


I don’t have a green thumb. In fact, I’ve killed so many specimens of flora, I’m pretty sure that the folks at Home Depot are considering banning me from the plants section. If you’re have slightly more skill in the horticultural department, I suggest you check out this tutorial on how to grow your own pineapple.



A megaphone, a podium, and a very simple instruction: say something nice. What happens next is pure magic – the kind that only happens in New York (via my husband, who makes me want to grab a megaphone and shout all sorts of lovely things in his general direction).


And that’s it for me this week. I’m looking forward to a weekend full of birthday parties, bonding, and quality time with my oft-neglected friends. See you Monday!

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  • catcat

    The Gadhafi/Rice thing is almost as vomitous as Jim Carey blathering/stalking Emma Stone.

  • Thanks for the kind words (you’re pretty adorable yourself, lady) and I second CatCat’s comment – Carrey on Stone (not literally – he WISHES) was superfluously eepy-cray.

  • Chickita

    The link for the “say something nice” is broken. The posses thing was hilarious!

  • Christine

    I’ve been lurking here since the Time list of “Best Blogs of 2011” recommended you and just want to let you know that this is now my new favorite blog. I was dying for something exactly like this but couldn’t find it any place else. So thanks (so much) for sharing, you are a fantastic writer and often hysterically funny (an enviable combo if you ask me) 🙂

    • Everywhereist

      Christine, your comment just made my afternoon! Thank you!

  • I’ve just been laughing myself silly over this. Love your work!

  • lisa

    If you are going to shout nice things at Rand through a megaphone, I humbly request that you wait until he just falls asleep and record the event. Nothing against your lovely husband of course, but it would be funny as hell to watch.

  • That Poses video made me laugh so hard I cried. Just what I needed after spending a Saturday at the office. 🙂

  • Joy

    Stamos…on my laminated list

  • I gone through almost all of your archives starting at the top to the end and finished up last December. I have stayed current ever since. But, I was writing a post from 20 years ago in my visits to Seattle and I came to the part of Pike Place Market. And I was drawing a blank on a couple items. *ightbulb above head turning on*- see if Geraldine ever wrote about it. Well, what happened two hours ago and still counting is that I clicked on that link going to Jodi and Legal Nomads and it is fascinating. You’re still my #1 blog to read (no smoke blowing) but her story is absolutely amazing! 🙂

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