The Week: Dec. 16, 2011

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Dec 16, 2011

Blah blah blah weekend links enjoy. (Err, sorry. Just realized that Christmas is NEXT weekend and I haven’t purchased ONE SINGLE GIFT FOR ANYONE. So please excuse me – and enjoy these links – while I go freak out).


This article about a man being tossed off a Scotrail train for refusing to pay a fare isn’t all that remarkable in and of itself. But the comments section is positively KILLING me (e.g., “The wee ned deserved it!” and “He’s the greatest Scotsman since the guy who kicked the terrorist in the nads at Glasgow International.”)


Reading through the top 10 public relations blunders of 2011 makes me feel a lot better about all the horrible things I say and do on my blog.


Does bringing store bought treats to a bake sale or potluck amount to blasphemy? I personally think so.


It’s official: I want positively everything Erica Weiner Jewelry has to offer (not sure whether to curse or thank my friend Kristy for introducing it to me. I may do both.)


I’m not a fan of tooting my own horn (mostly because it sounds like a euphemism for something dirty). HOWEVER, I absolutely love it when someone else toots it for me (Nope, still sounds dirty). A huge thanks to Sky Scanner for making The Everywhereist their Blog of the Week! I feel truly tooted honored.


And I know I shouldn’t be asking you to toot my horn, either (okay, seriously, this sounds wrong), but my site was nominated as one of the travel blogs to follow in 2012 on! I’m truly excited, and also getting my butt kicked in the voting. So (hint-hint) if you haven’t gotten me a present yet, please consider taking two seconds and voting for me. You don’t even have to register. It’s just that easy.


Kids screaming and having a fit? Not funny. Kids screaming and having a fit because their parents gave them intentionally crappy Christmas gifts as a joke? Hilarious. And a powerful reminder to be grateful for what you have this holiday season.


I just whiled away far too much time on Honestly, Now.  Someone requests help on a problem they’re having, and users vote on the best answer. Should I get my hair cut? Perhaps. Should I take my ex to the holiday party? No. Should I visit the site? Yes, yes, you should.


Take two minutes (I don’t care how busy you are, you have two minutes) to watch this video of Neil deGrasse Tyson talking about Isaac Newton. It will satisfy your inner nerd and put a smile on your face. How often does that happen? (Okay, fine, for me, often.)


HTTP Status messages, illustrated by cats. It’s as awesome as it sounds.


Can I go a week without mentioning some sort of Princess Bride geekery on my site? No, no, I cannot.


Dear Rand: I’m leaving my front door open in the event that a seal might pop in and hang out on our couch. It could TOO happen.


Now I’m off to buy from a small, local retailer (a.k.a., WOOT!

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  • Melanie

    One: I make everything from scratch and always have people asking for recipes when I attend potlucks. I am not a fan of store bought items at such events. If you don’t have time to make something, then don’t participate.

    Two: That Princess Bride cartoon is THEEEE best.

  • peacsktr

    Dear Geraldine,
    The Jimmy Kimmel gift link is hilarious, the gifts were too much and then the reactions. I needed that laugh(especially the last one)

    Also I am in the same pridicament with the christmas gifts will try to get it done this weekend if I dont pass by a cupcake shop. (No promises)

    Lastly I voted for you

    Regards a Daily reader from Miami Florida

    • Everywhereist

      Aww, thank you so much! I laughed until there were tears coming down my cheeks at those kids. Is that terrible? 🙂

  • Sarah R.

    So I definitely read through all of the comments on the article about the man being tossed off a Scotrail Train with a Scottish, Irish? accent in my mind, even more entertaining, yes!

  • Melvit

    How is Johnny Jet beating you? That site looks like a spam site.

  • Skippy

    I voted! I hope everyone else does too because, although the front runners are okaaay, your blog is still the best. [Merry Christmas. That’s your “suck up” – hope it fits. heehee]

    The Jimmy Kimmel video is hysterical – I thought most of the kids were good sports, especially the girl with the banana and the little one that received the 1/2 dozen eggs [props to her for cracking one on the living room table] but I seriously doubt I would’ve sent in my tape if my 10 year told Mr. Kimmel he could …. his …..” That’s just me tho’.

    Good luck in the voting.

  • You are absolutely correct!!! The freaking comments are beautiful! I should start reading Scottish newspapers online to check out the comments. Thanks for the laughs.

  • Liza De Leon

    I just wish you could visit the Philippine Island. I love reading your blog though. 🙂 A good friend of mine told me about the everywhereist so I thought I could read for few minutes… oh dear I found out I’ve been reading an hour or so. Anyways… Have a pleasant day and Christmas shopping. More power to you.


  • kokopuff

    RE: the comments on the train story: no better word than “fuckwittery” in the whole world.

  • Hey there! A super-belated thank you for mentioning, our labor of love! Here’s to great travels in 2012.

    –Tereza N., Founder

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