The week in travel: July 9, 2010

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Jul 9, 2010

It may be on account of the 95-degree heat (which, for us Seattlites, is enough to cook our brains) but I am knackered. Honestly and truly beat. I can’t even figure out what I did this week to knock me so sufficiently on my ass, but needless to say, this week’s round-up is more than a little sleepy. I sincerely hope you will forgive me, since, let’s face it: most days, I’m awesome. Plus, I blog every single day! Can I get a “what-what”?
Note: I don’t actually know what “what-what” means.

Anywho, on to the week that was …

My aunt loves to send me forwards, usually consisting of photos of animals hugging one another. I’m not saying I mind, but I was delightfully surprised when she sent me this video of Italian kids giving away free hugs.


Cough-cough. Excuse me. I’m just a little hoarse. (via


Sabina Lohr of Solo Female Traveler encounters “squeaky sand.” No, really. It squeaks. (My theory: it’s possessed by the souls of a thousand deceased mice.)


Do you take pictures of your food because you worry you’ll miss it after it’s been eaten? No. Me, neither (looks around nervously). For those of you who enjoy taking pictures of food for entirely different reasons, check out Gadling’s new photo contest, which ends on Monday. You could win some nifty camera-type accessories.


One writer explains why soccer fans should be cheering for Spain and against Holland in the World Cup final. Considering my Dutch last name, and my lingering belief that “if you ain’t Dutch you ain’t much”, despite, you know, not being Dutch at all, I am conflicted at best. (via

Oh, and they also have a weird, hysterical collection of slow-motion videos clips from the World Cup. Everyone looks dorky at 1/20th speed.


A Chinese airport was shut down for an hour due to … A UFO?! No, seriously. It was unidentified, it was flying, and it was an object.


I am super psyched about my guest for Boots ‘n All: 10 Tips for Joining Your Spouse on a Business Trip. (Also, did I just say “psyched”? Apparently, yes. “Bitchin” is soon to follow, I am sure.)


It is clearly too hot for attire like this. Seriously. Dress coolly, and don’t forget to stay hydrated.


And with that, I’m out folks. I need to go take an ice bath or eat a penguin or something.

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