The Week: Jan. 31, 2014

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Jan 31, 2014

Football. Football. Football football football.

Football, football, football, football. Foot. Ball. FOOTBALL.

Football? Football.

(The Seahawks are playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday. Clearly, its gone to my head. While I try to regain some sanity, and make a deadline, you enjoy these links. Warning: most of them are related to … yeah. You guessed it.)


Even Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan are excited about the game.


Because it’s a big dumb party. And we’re all invited: “Nobody Cares That You Don’t Care About The Super Bowl.


It’s totally bizarre and wonderful to me that Craigslist “Missed Connections” can be a source of romantic prose, but holy cats, is it ever: Man posts letter to woman he was married to for three days in 1989.


Richard Sherman dishes about what he learned in the last two weeks. My city remains staunchly behind him: his jersey is sold out everywhere in Seattle.


Step 1: Affix your camera to a tennis racket. Step 2: Spin around while snapping pics. Step 3: Awesome.


Map outlines the Williamburgs of major U.S. cities (that is, the hippest neighborhoods). Using Seattle as a sample set, I’d say they almost nailed it.


Slate answers this marvelous question: How Would American Media Describe the Super Bowl if It Were in Another Country?


Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals (wait, is that what the group is called? Theatricals? That sounds grammatically … wrong. Well, whatever. They go to Harvard. They should know this stuff) just honored Helen Mirren as their Woman of the Year. Here are some highlights of the festivities and a video of her … twerking. (Via my friend Deanna, who is a great source for stuff like this.)


Check out the unexpected and occasionally spooky street art of Isaac Cordal.


Welp, this is just the cutest thing ever: Seattle Fullback Derrick Coleman (who’s been legally deaf since age 3) surprises two of his biggest fans. The hug at the end is just about the best thing ever. (Via the lovely Kristin Luna.)


And like I even need to say it again: Go Hawks!



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