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Jan 18, 2013

There’s a fog over my town. It’s been here for days. It hangs outside my window this evening, and will be there tomorrow when I wake up. Everything has been transformed by it. People vanish into and out of the mist; I don’t recognize my street, have trouble picking out the outline of my home.

It leaves me unsure of what to do. Should I go out and explore this strange new world at my doorstep? Or continue to enjoy the warmth of my home and the comfort of my pajamas and – oh, look! I still have some cookies left from that batch I baked the other night.

I guess we know how this will end. (Spoiler: I’m going to nibble on a biscuit or three. You enjoy these links.)


If you haven’t seen Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s intro to the Golden Globes, watch it immediately. Trust me: you need more of them in your life.


Ah, the waffleizer. Where different foods are placed in a waffle iron to determine, um, … if they’ll waffle, I guess. Because … Because AMERICA! Yeah.


Before you see Lance Armstrong’s rumored confession to Oprah (she who absolves all sins), I recommend you read this piece from The New Yorker about what his motivations for coming clean might be.


The folks at Bad Lip Reading take on the NFL. As someone who’s tried to figure out what Pete Carroll’s been saying all season, it’s incredibly gratifying.


Two words: rainbow igloo.


A reminder that, in the words of Charles Bukowski, if you want to create, you will.


Sometimes brilliant, sometimes vulgar, occasionally infuriating, but consistently captivating: check out When In Doubt (Advice for Hazardous Living).


This love letter is short, to the point, and oh-so-sweet – plus, it quotes The Hitchhiker’s Guide (as all good love letters should). I can’t remember the last time something so brief made me cry.


Mashable compiles the 100 most beautiful songs (according to reddit). My take on it? Not enough female artists (whither the Regina Spektor?), far too much Aphex Twin, and just the right amount of Radiohead.


I want these immediately: brown butter double fudge chocolate chip cookies. (Dear lord, just reading that is caloric.)


Next week: more posts about Milwaukee (even though I’ll be on the road in -wait for it – SOUTH AFRICA. Yurp. My life is grand.)



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  • Jenni Davidson

    If you’re coming to Cape Town and need a list of local gems to visit and cupcakes to try out, I’m only too happy to provide!

    • Everywhereist

      Jenni – indeed, I will be in Cape Town and I would LOVE some recommendations!

  • Mark Davidson

    Enjoy South Africa! It’s a good time of year to visit here – it’s still mid-summer, but after the busiest part of the holiday season. There are fewer tourists, and South Africans are back at work/school after their summer vacation.

    Cape Town is at its best at this time of year, Johannesburg will probably be very hot and dry.

    • Everywhereist

      We won’t be in Johannesburg – just Cape Town and then a trip up to Bushman’s Kloof. So excited! Recommendations highly appreciated. 🙂

      • Manuela

        You won’t be going on safari?? That’s the BEST to do when you’re here.
        Although Cape Town is not too bad either….

  • my heart actually skipped a beat when i read South Africa, I’m dorky like that. I’m a South African that now actually lives in Washington State, which to me is entertaining seeing as i’m such a fan of your blog. Anyway, have a great time! Can’t wait to read the posts! By the way, most bakeries in Stellenboch are AMAZING! try them all

  • Hi Geraldine, I just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for these round-ups. I’m not much of a finder-of-excellent-things online, so this is wonderfully appreciated. I enjoy them every week. Have a lovely weekend, Victoria

  • Wow, on that Lance Armstrong article. Thanks for sharing

  • Deborah

    Oh my word, you’re going to be in South Africa!! I cant’ believe it, I live in Cape Town….oh i’m so excited to read your posts on my hometown. Hilarity and awesomeness is about to land in Cape town!!

  • Deborah

    p.s the weather is beautiful and hot here at the moment. It was 40 degrees here on Wednesday (thats 104 degrees Fahrenheit to you)

  • Janet T

    The waffleizer is a perfect example of ” just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”. I read the other day about cooking bacon in a waffle iron- really??? why???

    Have an amazing trip- looking forward to your posts and pics.

  • Sarah

    One of my best friends sent me your blog link a few weeks ago telling me I’d love your site and she was completely right. I’ve already read back like two years of posts but this is my first comment 🙂

    I went to South Africa last June on a safari and it was awesome. My advice to you: if you have the opportunity, try zebra as it tastes absolutely amazing. Yes, people will give you horrified looks when you are telling them about it back in the states but it was some of the best meat I’ve ever tasted. Alas, if no zebra is to be found, gemsbuck, kudu, sable, impala, and blesbuck are also quite scrumptious!

  • Mark Davidson

    For cupcakes, etc. in Cape Town, I recommend Limnos Bakers:

    You will no doubt visit the V&A Waterfront, and Limnos has a branch nearby.

    If you’re interested in history (and it seems from your Irish articles that you are), then don’t miss The Castle, a 17th century fortress with a good museum.

    Then there’s the boat trip to Robben Island with the prison where Nelson Mandela spent so many years. Sailing trips round the bay are also great (if you don’t get seasick).

    The Two Oceans Aquarium is well worth a visit, even if you’re not really that into marine life.

    Don’t forget swimming costumes if you want to enjoy the wonderful beaches, and hiking boots if you want to walk in mountains.

    Then there are the Wine Routes, with plenty of good food and wine, the cable car to the top of Table Mountain…. etc., etc.

    You won’t be short of things to do, and places to go, and good food.


    • Kristina Cline

      “Swimming Costumes” That is adorable, and probably more accurate than “swimsuit.”

  • Liz K

    Oh my goodness, SA…Cape Town?!!! I cannot express how jealous I am. I just moved home a few weeks ago after living in SA and Malawi for the past couple of years. I am 100% obsessed with CT and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I do have a couple of recommendations and advice from my time there.

    -I recommend skipping robin island if you are short on time
    -Winelands–I recommend going to Franschhoek instead of Stellenbosch
    -You’ve got to do the Chapman’s Peak drive (at sunset if possible). The drive is on the coastline and is stunning
    -Do a night hike of Lion’s Head. The moon and lights of the city give you just enough light to hike and when you get to the top it’s amazing to sit under the stars and overlook the city of CT and table mountain by the moonlight and silence of the night.
    -As a food lover, you MUST go to the best food market EVER. It is Saturday mornings (if your trip allows this) and you will love it, guaranteed. The Old Biscuitmill…pure food amazingness.

    I hope you love it…but it is South Africa, so how could you not?!

  • Jessie

    Thanks for sharing those links. I especially liked the rainbow igloo and the love letter (yes, i nearly shed a tear).

  • South Africa, Yay! Hope you have a splendid time in the beautiful Cape, lovely time of year to visit. Can’t wait to read all about your trip to my home country 🙂

    If you’re up for the hike, it’s not too much effort to walk up Lion’s Head for an amazing 360 view of Camps Bay and the city bowl. Drink lots of wine and enjoy the food! (Btw, SA steak is the best in the world! And Cafe Royale in Long str have amazing gourmet burgers.) Oh, and if you’re going to visit a game reserve it might come in handy if you know how to bushpee 😛 … Have fun!

  • Wongster

    If you’re interested in African fare during your stay in Cape Town try the Africa Cafe. Not cupcakes, but still yummy. Makes me wish I was going just thinking about it!

  • I’m looking forward to your South Africa posts (not that Milwaukee isn’t worthy too). I’ll be doing my trailing spouse thing to Capetown in October of 2014 (knocking on all sorts of wood).


  • South Africa has been on my places to visit for quite some time. I look forward to seeing some of your posts on your travels there. Have fun!

  • I definitely will make those brown butter double fudge cookies and bring to work to share! I just checked out recipes for a waffleizer after seeing a segment about a restaurant doing them on a Food Network show. They made turkey stuffing waffles that apparently out of this world! Have a great trip to Africa – to both of you.

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