The Week: March 7, 2014

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Mar 7, 2014

I don’t know if it’s just me, but lately, so much of what I read or see online feels charged with emotion. There’s no apathy. Nothing feels phoned-in. It’s … well, beautiful, I guess. Occasionally sad. Really intense.

As are a few of these links. I tried to throw a little levity in there, too, just to provide some balance. But even so, more than one of these might have sent me to “The Crying Place.” I hope you like them, nevertheless.


Hieu Nguyen’s performance at the 2013 National Poetry Slam is so. damn. powerful. Watch it.


One of the best essays on the topic of depression I’ve ever read: Miles and Miles of No Man’s Land.


I am totally buying this theory about the secret identity of Andy’s mom in Toy Story (note: you need to have seen the second movie to really get what’s going on in the article).


My in-laws are probably more interesting than your in-laws. Like my husband’s cousin, Daniel, whose commercial for his legal services in Pittsburgh is currently making the rounds.


Reddit has a live-feed of the conflict in the Ukraine.


The guys from Top Gear, a motorhome, and a huge cliff. Guess what happens.


A new ad campaign from Save the Children aims to bring the Syrian conflict closer to home (spoiler: it works). It follows a little girl over the course of a year, for one second each day.


Super excited about the release of Eliot Peper’s first novel, Uncommon Stock, for a lot of reasons. It’s a fiction book about startups, it’s from a first-time author, and it’s the first release by FG Press, a new publishing house that I … might be … working with in the future (eep).


Fascinating. A reddit thread about weird things that Americans do that are taboo or strange in other countries. Not gonna lie: I have always thought (and still do think) that pb & j sandwiches are really weird.


Victor Vasquez, a conductor on the 1 train in New York City, is brightening commuters’ days with his unscripted announcements.




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  • Ashley

    I LOVE your “The Week” posts <3!!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful part of my weekly reading. You truly have a gift!

  • sarah

    Top Gear is my favorite show!!

  • What a mixed bag, but interesting reading. Your “week in review” posts mean I don’t have to endlessly comb the internet for interesting reads. The Top Gear one? How is that legal? I’m a recovering Pennsylvania lawyer. Thanks to your share of Rand’s cousin’s ad, I am glad to see that the PA Bar is in good hands. 🙂

  • Some great links here. The Save the Children advert is so real and touching; the situation in Syria is so terrible but it’s all to easy to forget sometimes, glad this is bringing it back to the front of many people’s thoughts.

  • As a Pittsburgher who’s enjoyed that defense attorney’s commercial greatly, I can definitely say you in-laws are cooler than mine!

  • Bruce

    Read the blog about depression even though I knew it would bother me as I do suffer, and yes suffer is the correct word, from depression. It articulates perfectly what I am going thru.

  • Lisa

    Thanks for another lovely post! I agree, intense and REAL is what we need to be, shake off apathy whenever it emerges.

    If you haven’t read Allies two-part account of depression you need to. Too.

  • Anisa

    Am I the only one who picked up on the fact that Geraldine said she might be working at FG press in the future? My first thought was- Nooooooooooooooooooo, What about the blog? But, then I thought, good for her if she wants to move on to other things. I would miss the blog for sure, but wish you luck in your future endeavors Geraldine!

    • Everywhereist

      Not for .. with. As in, I might be working with this publisher to … I’ll let you figure out the rest.

      • Anisa

        Well, this is awesome. I look forward to reading it when it comes out!

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