The Week: October 11, 2013

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Oct 11, 2013

Sorry for the low output of posts these last few days. Rand and I have been in Philadelphia for the week, and it’s been a whirlwind (far more for him than for me, of course. My “whirlwinds” tend to consist of museum visits, cupcakes, and the acquisition of accessories).

Fortunately, it’s been pouring rain for most of our trip, so we’ve felt right at home. I’m going to go eat a cookie bar and stare at the rain for a bit. You enjoy these links.


Dana Reinhardt writes a touching piece about the time Robert Downey Jr. came to her grandmother’s rescue.


You know those random thoughts that occur when you are taking a shower? They are now available online.


Sometimes the heated MLB arguments between skippers and umpires are not what they seem.


Louis C.K. explains why he won’t let his daughters have smartphones. His reasoning is pure poetry.


A man who lives and works on a reservation asks what his friends and neighbors really think about the Redskins mascot. (Note: they have bigger things to worry about. But the mascot is still offensive.)


Chuck Norris, Farrah Fawcett, Rainbow Brite – this gallery of Halloween costumes from the 70s and 80s will hit you right in the nostalgia.


In the year 1900, a German chocolate company create a set of cards depicting what life would be like a hundred years in the future. From what I remember of the year 2000, there weren’t that many mustaches and petticoats.


One more reason why I love my hometown: we have lots of gay parades.


A children’s craft book from 1922 shows how you can turn vegetables into nightmare-inducing, racist toys.


This … this is sooo meta. Someone created an account on AVClub, where they post Star Trek Fanfiction as Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec. Bonus: there’s a commenter posting as April who ridicules him.


See you next week!



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  • Welcome to Philly! Check out the craft fair on Rittenhouse Square this weekend. Today through Sunday. Rain or shine. So far—rain. Speaking of rain, I guess the federal government shutdown interferes with any visits to Independence National Park. Nothing to do, but eat cupcakes. Nah. All the museums on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway are open.

  • Are you married to Will Reynolds now? How is it?

  • I’m originally from Philly and one of my friends recently opened a cupcake joint with her best friend there. If you guys have a chance (and are still there when they open next) you should try to factor one of their awesome treats into your whirlwind!

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  • Sick day. Working on an op-ed that I can't turn in until tomorrow because I'm too busy watching This Is Us and feeling terrible. (BTW, I am *such* a Toby.)
  • The most handsome man in the world bought me a taco and sang me Billy Bragg. We talked about regret, and he told me he was sorry he took up so much of my life. And I laughed. Because it's not his fault that I can't stop thinking about him.
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  • I first met Chad around the time I had brain surgery. He'd just gone through the same experience with a very different diagnosis. He went on to have SIX more brain surgeries and was part of a litany of clinical trials for his brain cancer. Through it all he was funny and brash and so painfully honest about his experience. He was also instrumental in helping me finish my book - I sent Chad a chapter every month while working on my manuscript. He joked that I'd enlisted a dying man to help me meet my deadline. I hadn't emailed him in months, and just found out today that he passed away right before Christmas. It was a long time coming, but I am still blindsided by the loss.
Goodbye you wonderful, brilliant, exuberant asshole. I knew you'd break my heart.
  • Thirty-three years later, and she's still my hero. One year later, and I still miss her. #PrincessLeia #CarrieFisher #CarrieOn

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