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Sep 28, 2012

It’s Friday! And I’m finding a quiet peace in knowing that life is getting back to normal: it’s once again grey in Seattle (after days and days of sunshine, which, I won’t lie, was making me nervous), the regular NFL refs have gone back to work (after a seriously bungled call during last Monday’s game), and I’m back at home after a rather eventful trip to Ireland (I’ll tell you all about it next week).

While I sit back in my office and enjoy the grey and mist that’s hanging over my city (yes, I missed this weather. And yes, this makes me insane), you enjoy these links:


Check out my interview on Lash World Tour. And a big thanks to Lash for featuring me on her site!


Digging these photos of a scatterbrained dad and his little girl. (via my pal Pete)


They’re the Norwegian equivalent of the Flight of the Conchords, and they’re boasting about the size of their alphabet. Yes, really.


A somewhat sad revelation for children of the 80s: apparently blowing into Nintendo cartridges didn’t help. In fact, it may have actually damaged games in the long term.


Google street view goes underwater! In short, I want to go to there.


After the grace she showed while being mocked on reddit, and her beautiful, even-handed reply, Balpreet Kaur might just be my new hero.


A TSA agent admits to stealing nearly a million dollars worth of items from passengers at Newark Airport.


NASA’s Curiosity rover has sent back images suggesting that there was once water flowing on the red planet. It is impossible for me to read that article and not think of little Martians running around in bathing suits and water wings.


Really digging IO9’s recap of great comic panels brought to life in movies. I have to agree about Watchmen – when the movie is that close to the comic book, you really expect there to be a giant squid.


A fascinating look at commercial actors who become the face of a brand. They might be real people with feelings, but we tend to associate them with a product and nothing more.


My friend Angela uncovered this amazing video of Peter Sellers and a fuzzy group of misfit Muppets singing “Cigarettes, Whiskey, and Wild, Wild Women.” Weren’t the 70s grand?


Phew. That’s it for me this week. I’m in Milwaukee starting next Monday, and would LOVE your suggestions on what to do, see, and most importantly, eat. (P.S. – Wisconsinites: I think Green Bay got robbed on Monday. Please don’t heave rocks at us Seattlites, okay?)

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  • Because you should never travel without the promise of proper caffeination, here’s the best coffee in Milwaukee (IMHO): Alterra –

    Enjoy! 🙂

  • Oh, the blowing-into-the-cartridge trick- same thing with video cassettes. And retractable camera lenses when they get stuck :\ It’s the placebo effect! It works!

    Anything linked to Flight of the Conchords is all right with me.

  • Great interview over on Lash! I enjoyed it!

  • Teresa

    While in Milwaukee, go to the Waterfront Deli for lunch. They have great food and if you eat on the second floor, they put your order in a basket on a conveyor belt contraption.

    Also, check out the spy themed bar, the Safe House. You enter through a door in the alley and you need the secret password. It’s a bit kitsch but I love it.

  • Jessica

    I just moved from Milwaukee (possibly one of the most underrated cities in America) after living there for 4 years! I loved it. Not to mention you are going at just about the perfect time- fall has the best weather and the colors are awesome!

    Best things to do in Milwaukee/Wisconsin:

    1. Packer Game (although they are not playing at home while you are there so I guess you are SOL on that). But equally as fun is finding any bar and watching the game with a bunch of die hard Packer fans. My personal recommendation would be Leff’s Lucky Town in Wauwatosa. It is easily the greatest home-town bar ever.

    2. Brewers Game. Get there early and enjoy the tailgating festivities! Grill brats, toss a football or play a game of bags, drink beer, and people watch! Stroll over to the game whenever you feel like it. And it is completely acceptable to make friends with whatever strangers are tailgating around you.

    3. Lakefront Brewery Tour & Friday Fish Fry. If you go to the Brewery tour (which is awesome and comes with beer-duh) you get a discount on the fish fry. Friday fish fry is a tradition, and this is one of the best places to do it! They have live polka music and a dance floor, big tables where you sit with strangers, and a beer on tap!

    4. If your feeling fancy, have a drink at Blu – a bar/lounge at the top of the Pfister hotel. Beautiful views- go at night. (Another neat hotel for a drink is at the Iron horse hotel)

    5. Check out the 3rd ward- there are boutiques to shop, the Public market with a variety of food, meat, seafood, and CHEESE. If you like Bloody Mary’s check out the Wicked Hop (right across the street from the public market). Side note- the public market is in the very first scene of Bridesmaids.

    5. The Harley Davidson Museum is pretty nifty

    6. The Milwaukee Art Museum

    A short list of great places to eat:

    Sobelman’s (burgers – featured on the food network. They actually lost out to AJ Bombers on food wars. Either place is great)

    Any Bartolotta restaurant (Rumpus Room is the newest addition- located right downtown and if you go you MUST HAVE THE MONKEY BREAD FOR DESSERT!)

    Maders – a great traditional German restaurant. When John F. Kennedy was in Milwaukee he dined here!

    Honey Pie

    There are a variety of places to eat and/or grab a beer in the 3rd ward along the lake including water buffalo and Milwaukee Ale House.

    Also further down the river is Barnacle Buds- a bar that is further down the river which you can park your boat or pontoon and walk right up for Oysters and, of course, BEER!

    Last thing- At Random is this insanely awesome place to get amazing alcoholic ice-cream dessert drinks. The owners are an old husband/wife duo (they must be at least 65) and the decor has obviously not been updated EVER. It’s super dark inside and is lit with these hilariously bad red lights. It is packed on weekend nights.

    This list is only a partial sampling of all the fun things to do, but you will notice that drinking beer tends to be a common theme. Sorry for the overly long reply… but I just cannot say enough good things about Milwaukee and how much I loved it while I was there. Have a great time!

    • Everywhereist

      Oh, man. Girl. This list is AWESOME. I may use it as my unofficial guide to the city. THANK YOU!

    • Jessica

      Wow, another Jessica here who just moved from Milwaukee after living there for seven years (and hope to be moving back soon) It’s a surprisingly cool town with a lot of young professional and creative energy that seems to be moving the city forward.

      I wholeheartedly endorse every suggestion above as well as adding a few of my own!

      Places to eat:

      Comet Café. Great comfort food with a twist.

      Kopps Custard. Slightly more in the ‘burbs but great custard.

      Three Brothers. Serbian food, incredibly delicious and also enormous portions, and the building is an original Schlitz tavern. (cash only though!) It is also very close to ‘At Random’ mentioned above.

      As far as other things to do: The Domes and the Pabst mansion are good ‘attractions’ to check out. Oriental Theater if you happen to want to see a movie while you’re in town. The Third Ward or Brady Street for shopping. Brewery tours (Lakefront, Miller, or Sprecher…in my opinion lakefront is the best, with an amazing pumpkin lager this time of year!)

      I guess I do disagree with one suggestion above…the public market. Don’t be fooled by the Milwaukee public market’s blatant rip-off of its Seattle counterpart’s signage, it’s nowhere near as abundant in offerings. I have found it to be very underwhelming in its offerings. Not a terrible spot to do lunch, but there are much better places in the nearby third ward.

      • Jessica

        Yeah the public market may not be up to snuff as compared to others… but it’s location in the Third Ward is kind of what makes it worth the trip. And good call on Comet Cafe and Three brothers! I totally forgot about those two and love them.

    • Kara

      I second Water Buffalo! They have an awesome butternut squash dish with risotto. Enjoy.

  • Therese

    The Milwaukee Art Museum – get there just before opening so you can see the wings of the Santiago Calatrava “open”.

    And the German heritage of Milwaukee is evident by the Beer Stein wing of the museum:)

  • Eat some Kopp’s Custard! It’s our first stop when we go back to visit family.There’s nothing like it, especially for a dessert obsessed person like yourself. It’s family run, been around since the 50’s, and is a Milwaukee institution They always have a flavor of the day-mint chip is my personal favorite. My husband also loves the fish sandwiches and Oreo shakes…

    If you want to have a super cheesy old school experience, the “At Random” serves old school drinks in a cheesy tiki bar/cocktail lounge. They only play Frank Sinatra, and it has quite the atmosphere.
    They don’t have a web site, but I will direct you to their Yelp page because the second review is kind of amazing…

  • Kelly Meier

    As an avid reader of your blog, I am so excited that you will be in Milwaukee!!! I have lived here my whole life and love my city. My suggestions in no particular order are: honey pie restaurant – at least for desert, lakefront brewery, the smoke shack, aj bombers, barnacle buds if the weather is nice, kopps ( for custard), the safe house, miller park, art museum, jelly belly factory (in Kenosha about 45 min from airport), Lydia’s, coquette cafe, 8twelve, Milwaukee ale house, miller brewery tour. I hope you enjoy it! Ii can’t wait to hear about it on the blog!

  • Kristine

    O&H Kringle in Racine is the best around! Fabulous bakery. The Turtle kringle is my favorite; but, there are many other options. My favorite cake is danish layer – always a must-have. If you can’t get all the way to Racine (south of Milwaukee); there are satellite bakeries in Oak Creek and Sturtevant (both off the I-94 – the local freeway).

  • I can’t believe that blowing into Nintendo cartages didn’t really work. Wow….


  • Meg

    Cafe Corazon has really delicious Mexican food made with lots of fresh ingredients. It’s a tiny place squeezed into a residential neighborhood and it’s one of my favorite Milwaukee spots. The whole place is packed full of Virgin Mary and Jesus figurines and paintings, and has loads of personality and energy. They also have really tasty (and strong!) margaritas. I think it’s a great example of Milwaukee’s surprising charm. It’s not open Mondays, and because it’s so small at prime eating hours there may be a little wait.

  • Christie

    Oooooo that article about the TSA just steams me. My boyfriend travels by air nearly weekly for work, and EVERY TIME he checks a bag, they search it. AND YES IT IS ABSOLUTELY RACIAL PROFILING. But also, things have been stolen in the past, as well. Not okay at all 🙁

  • Meg

    If you have a chance, you need to stop by Cedarburg, Wi, just about 25 minutes north of Milwaukee. It’s a historic town with a cute mainstreet and a ton of different little shops. It’s really sweet. They also have Amy’s, which is a confectionary with the BEST caramel apples ever.

  • Katie

    Well if you happen to still be in Milwaukee on Friday, Ingrid Michaelson is playing an acoustic show at the Turner Hall Ballroom. It is going to be absolutely delightful. Also, I will be there which is also fun 🙂

  • Misha

    I don’t want to brag but I just got back from a week-long uni trip to Heron Island – Google Earth doesn’t do it justice, it is AMAZING 😀

    • Mary

      I had a trip to Heron Island for University as well and agree with Misha. Incredible. Very fond memories including snorkelling for most of the day and then visiting the resort and having evening drinks while watching the sun go down over the reef with a string quartet playing.
      The only part I didn’t like was running through the trees to try and avoid being dive bombed by some of those thousands of birds …..

  • I recently stumbled upon your blog and I’m finding it very difficult to leave. It saddens me that I don’t know you personally… I love your witty writing and travel stories! Keep up the good work 🙂

    btw, nice interview! I’ve been fortunate to see a few places in Asia and fell in love with Hong Kong!

  • Gwendolyn

    Not sure about Milwaukee, but if you have time and want to roam around Madison (1.5 hours away), I’d highly recommend capitol area, the Old Fashioned and their amazing fried cheese curds & insane collection of Wisconsin beers.

    Also, if you’re looking for the Wisconsin experience and hear someone describe a place/adventure as “Sconnie” (sounds like ska-nee – means…wisconsonnie?), it’s probably a must-do.

  • Melissa

    For someone who loves sweets (just as much as you do, it sounds like) I believe Honey Pie is a must. You’ll love it. I’m going to Boston in two weeks and just because your pictures looked so tasty, I’ll be spoiling my appetite at Modern Pastry! Thanks!

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