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If You Can’t Take the Heat

Available March 12, 2024

If You Can't Take the Heat book cover

I wrote a book about emergency meal-planning for the apocalypse, embracing my own hanger, and the death threats I got when I made cinnamon rolls.

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All Over The Place

Adventures in Travel, True Love, and Petty Theft

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Invisible Pie Labor.

Posted on
Nov 21, 2023

It’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and as holidays bear down upon us, I find myself repeating the same refrain again and again: You do not need to make pumpkin pie from scratch. You do not need to make anything from scratch. You do not need to recreate a family recipe passed down for generations. Your…

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Hindsight is the Best Filter

Posted on
Nov 6, 2023

While conducting an archeological dig of my office, unearthing crumbling notebooks that contained the early drafts of all the books I have written, and all the books I intended to write but somehow did not, I found a box of old photos. They were from a summer I’d spent in Europe when I was 20…

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Sometimes It Is Okay to Not Talk About the Awful Things.

Posted on
Oct 20, 2023
Posted in: Random Musings

I am old enough to remember when the Internet was a largely useless place for most people. My college dormmates would sit patiently, waiting hours for image files to download in large ribboned chunks, in hopes of something salacious appearing. If the image was mislabeled, they could find that they’d waited a good twenty minutes…

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