10 otherwise innocent things you shouldn’t say while on a plane

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Aug 12, 2009
Just zip it.


  1. That’s da bomb!
  2. Got any coke?
  3. We’re really high!
  4. Who do I have to hijack to get a drink in this place?
  5. Whoops! Wonder how that got by T.S.A.
  6. Wait a second … a concealed weapons permit still counts on a plane, right?
  7. Dude, you totally look like that guy from “Lost”!
  8. Sure, they check the liquids … but gunpowder isn’t a liquid. It’s a powder.
  9. Hypothetical question: how can you tell if the heroin-filled condom you swallowed broke?
  10. I am going to kill us all in the name of Satan.

Photo by stev.ie via flickr.com

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