The Week In Travel: March 12, 2010

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Mar 12, 2010

Rand and I are currently in Rye Brook, NY (as an aside, NEVER VISIT HERE), so you’ll have to forgive me if this post is a wee bit late in going up – it was a pleasant flight, but the non-stop string of trips we’ve been on has made us a little batty.

So batty, I might have started yelling at Rand when he politely stopped for me to take a photo of something, saying something like, “HOW CAN I TAKE A PHOTO?! It’s pitch black and we’re in a car.

A few Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies later (courtesy of the Hilton vending machine), all is well, and I have stopped yelling at my husband (and I’ve also stopped trying to take photos, because of the aforementioned pitch-blackness.)


But it’s not like I can complain right? Despite any tiffs or feuds, Rand is still the best travel partner a girl could ask for. I can’t imagine sitting next to anyone better on a cross country flight. And after listening to Ian Lurie’s account of his trip next to Captain Crazy Pants, I should thank my lucky stars once again – because 90% of the time that I travel, I’m sitting next to Rand. 

In other crazy-people news, this might be one of my favorite headlines, ever: “Man claiming to be vampire prompts bomb scare near courthouse.

For some slightly more rational reading, check out Slate’s coverage of international signs – and the push to replace red “EXIT” signs with ones that depict a man, well, exiting (a building). Are STOP signs next? Because I’ve always found it fascinating that those are in English, all over the world …

As for all my friends who are off to the Emerald City Comicon, I wish you fun and joy and a day full of nerdy awesomeness. I will be with you in spirit. While disappointed that I can’t re-wear my Star Trek Halloween costume, I’m pretty sure that watching our dear friend Eytan (of fame) get hitched will be just as cool. Very nearly, anyway. 🙂  

Oh, and for those of you who have some extra spending money (because, you know, you won’t be spending it on a Leonard Nimoy autograph), I strongly suggest you do something good with your cash – like giving it to Chile’s Earthquake Relief fund. Mashable has a great list of all the ways you can donate.

Anywho, I’m off to bed (the madness of a Friday night spent watching PBS and eating cookies in Rye Brook has me beat) – see you next week!

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