The Week in Travel: April 9, 2010

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Apr 9, 2010

I’ve been slacking on the blog this week, so it seems like falling back on yet another “Week in Travel” post is kind of lame. But there is some legitimately interesting stuff going on this week, so perhaps my slacking is somewhat justified? Yes, I think so. Somewhat, at least …

You may have thought Giuliani shipped them all off to the Bronx, but apparently there’s still one homeless man still living in Times Square. His story is equal parts heart-breaking and fascinating (The New York Times).

It looks like my prophesy of many months ago has become a reality: Airlines are now charging for carry-ons. Spirit Airlines (a pretty minor carrier out of Miramar, FL) is charging $45 if you check a bag at the gate, or $30 if you pre-pay to check your luggage. Apparently the big airlines are watching to see how passengers react. My reaction? It involves raising one digit (and I ain’t giving anyone the thumbs-up).

Tim Hayward has an interesting take on our strange love affair with bottled water. I have to agree – bottle water is pointless and terrible for the environment (of course, I’m spoiled – drinking clean, cool water from the Pacific Northwest). Plus, the prices at the airport are now staggering ($4 a bottle?!). And just yesterday my dentist told me that she’s encountered some terrible cavities in kids in recent years, the likes of which she hadn’t seen before. The reason why? They were drinking bottled water, which often times doesn’t have flouride.

As someone who eats oysters wherever she goes (even when she probably shouldn’t – see food poisoning, Sydney Opera House) I found Christopher Cox’s article for Slate to be worth a read. Cox, who is otherwise vegan, eats oysters regularly, and equates them to farmed vegetables. It’s definitely food for thought.

The story of the killed West Virginian miners is so upsetting, that I’m choosing to ignore it. Instead, check out this video of a kitten dancing, while I try to figure out why we haven’t found a safer alternative to coal.

And, because I love ending on a random, positive note, here’s a video of Beaker, from The Muppets, playing Ode to Joy



Have a safe and happy weekend, folks.

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