The Week in Travel: May 7, 2010

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May 7, 2010

I should note, as I usually do at the beginning of a month, how I can’t believe it’s x date already, and that my youth is passing me by faster than I would care to notice, etc, etc. But you don’t want to hear about that, do you? No. Listening to 29-year-olds weep about wasted opportunities and how they’re old and washed up is boring.

Instead, I will bottle up my stupid feelings of self-doubt and tell you what’s going on in the world of teh internets …

The British government is at a stalemate; they have a hung Parliament (tee-hee), which essentially means that no one is a clear winner of the last election (except, in a sense, Gordon Brown, who gets to stay at Downing Street for the meantime). And some of them are getting cheeky about the whole thing.

And apparently Wall Street almost-sort-of-kinda crashed yesterday, because someone’s fingers are too fat. I assume that in the future they will  just mash the keypad with their fist. Of course, if you’re like me, 90% of your knowledge about how the stock market works comes from the movie Trading Places, so you mostly just pictured Valentine and Winthorpe running around the trading floor hugging one another. Which is a nice thought.

Not so nice a thought? Bombing Times Square.

Will Ferrell disguised himself as a Triple-A pitcher and played approximately 2 minutes of baseball in Nashville. He was promoting a golf tournament in the area (which benefits cancer). The video is here.

This is exactly how I feel every time I go through airport security.

A TSA Agent was arrested for brutally beating his co-worker with a night stick. Apparently the accused beater (heh-heh) and his co-workers were being trained to use those new, revealing body scanners, and his scan revealed his rather small penis. His co-workers teased him endlessly, until he snapped and beat one of his tormentors senseless. Can I say how much I don’t want these things to become the norm?

I find travel blogger Candice Walsh absolutely delightful. Even when she’s writing about cutting in front of old Dutch women in the bathroom line and puking up curry fries. Canada, she is a national treasure.

Adventurous Kate has a nifty little feature on her blog called Traveler’s Night In. She asks travel-related questions via Twitter, and collects the most interesting replies for her post. This week, I made the cut.

God isn’t dead. He just got run over by a car.

Sigh – that’s all from me this week, folks. I’m back home, so I will finally, finally finish blogging about my last trip to NYC, and our subsequent trips to Florida and California. Expect some fun posts about the soullessness of Disney and the magic of stoned Berkeley hippies.

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