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May 10, 2010
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I am excited. Because recent events may have elevated me from a jobless, slacker owner of a blog, to a jobless, slacker owner of a blog that features guest bloggers.

This is sooo going to make me the talk of the unemployment office.

As some of you may have seen me mention on the blog, or experienced firsthand through my constant nagging, I have been in search of guest bloggers to write for the site. The only requirements are that you either be sarcastic, somewhat knowledgeable about travel, or able to make some gloriously-bad pop culture references in your post.

The inclusion of cute children in your post are a bonus.

I am pleased to say that my dear friend Christine – who I will forever and always describe as my dear friend, even though I haven’t seen her in 15 years (because she’s that awesome) – decided to take on the task, and sent me my blog’s very first guest post. And it met all of my criteria (and yes, she even scored the cute child bonus points). I will be posting it next Monday. Read it, bask in Christine’s brilliance, and know that you, too, could enjoy the glory and fame that comes from posting on a site that enjoys a whopping 89 unique visitors a day (sigh).

Okay, fine – so posting on the site won’t exactly earn you gobs of glory or fame – clearly, that would require winning an eating contest or something. But as other struggling freelancers like myself know, it will give you a link to your site or online profile (which never hurts), will help get the word out about your writing, and will give you one more piece to add to your portfolio. All in all, not too shabby (even though it is woefully unpaid. But then again, so am I).

Oh, and just because I found it and thought it was delightful, here’s a photo of me and Christine (and our good friend Giselle) from back in the day (circa December 1993). Please ignore what is going on with my jeans.

Left to right, Giselle, Christine, and Geraldine. Im pleased to say that Giselle and I both grew another inch or two after this.

Left to right, Giselle, Christine, and me. Keep in mind, in Florida, shorts are winter attire.

Of course, knowing me during my awkward phase (which is going to end any day now, I’m sure) is not a requirement for being a guest blogger. If you’re interested in writing for The Everywhereist, simply shoot me an email: contact-at-everywhereist-dot-com. If we haven’t talked before, send me a link to your regular blog (or other works), and notify me of any outstanding warrants for your arrest (I want to make sure you’d be a good fit for the site). Guest blog posts will appear on Mondays (unless I change my mind and move them to another day).

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