It’s been a year. And a bit.

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Jul 6, 2010
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I started this blog roughly a year ago. It’s tough to say the exact date, because I posted a few articles that I had lying around on my computer, guessing when I had written them. Consequently, I’m not sure when my blog’s exact date of birth was. It’s even harder to figure out if you assume that a blog’s life starts at conception.

Because I really don’t know the day I came with the idea of this blog. (Also, there’s a joke about cyber-sex somewhere in there, but I don’t have the willingness to come up with it. Yeah – I’m lazy like that).

But I know that sometime around the Fourth of July of last year, things started to come together. So this blog’s birthday, I’ve decided, is somewhere around that time.

And … well, it’s been a year. And I realize that I owe a few people some thank yous.

  1. My Guest Bloggers. You all rock. Every single one of you. I’m not going to lie – there were times when I was worried. I doubted a few of you. After all, we may be friends in real-life, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your humor and intellect translate to the online world. Hell, I didn’t even know for sure if you were literate. You could have pretended to read all those books. But you legitimately took time out of your crazy days of being moms, lawyers, resident historians, photographers, all-around bad-asses, and any combination therein (a.k.a., bad-ass lawyer moms), to blog for me. And I love every single one of you for it.


    Mindy - this is the best photo I could find of us. It was 95 degrees that day.

  2. My Twitter followers. There are now over 1,000 of you. And relatively few of you are spam bots with profile pictures of Britney Spears look-alikes doing heinous things.
  3. The guys at Agami Creative. Not only did they design the visual awesomeness that is my site, but when I contacted them A YEAR later, asking them if they still had a copy of the Twitter background they made for me (because I’m a moron and forgot to download it) they replied within hours and hunted down the file for me.
  4. The folks at Wildfire Marketing Group (specifically Jeremy Knauff) – After Agami designed the site, the folks at Wildfire built it. And despite my numerous phone calls and inane questions Jeremy was always pleasant and helpful. Even after many months of me annoying him.
  5. Laughing Squid, my hosting company. I actually don’t know what “hosting” a blog means. But my understanding is that if these guys didn’t exist, you’d get an annoying 404 message instead of travel tales riddled with expletives. I’ll let you decide which is worse.
  6. My parents, for having me. Looking at how well you two get along now, it’s really weird to think that you guys ever made babies together. But I’m glad I was one of them, because existence is awesome. So, you know, thanks. Maybe someday I’ll tell you about the blog. But probably not.

    I also thinks its hilarious that you two couldnt look simultaneously happy in one single photo.

    I also thinks it's hilarious that you two couldn't look simultaneously happy in one single photo.

  7. You, for reading this. You might be a friend from grade school or college. Or someone I met afterward. You might be a former co-worker, or just someone I’ve befriended because we have awesomeness in common. Or you might not know me at all – at which point, I’m confused as to why you are still here, but grateful nonetheless.
  8. Everyone who’s left a comment. Not only have you read the blog, but you decided to interact with me, too. Given that you know what I’m like, that’s surprising and crazy. Thank you.

    For a long time, these were the only two schlubs whod leave a comment on my site. Thanks, guys.

    For a long time, these were the only two schlubs who'd leave a comment on my site. Thanks, guys.

  9. Everyone who hasn’t inspired a Dick Move.
  10. And last but certainly not least …

    Yup, him again.

    Yup, him again.

Happy Birthday, you dear, foul-mouthed blog. I hope it’s the first of many.

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