WTF Wednesday: entirely black bees

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Oct 6, 2010
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Rand and I were walking near Lithia Park in Ashland a few weeks back, when we saw this.

It is an entirely black bee. A quick internet search revealed that what we saw wasn’t entirely that unusual. Depending on species and abnormalities, bees can be entirely black, brown, or sometimes even have tones of red. Nevertheless, we absolutely freaked out when we saw this little guy in the bushes, as I don’t think either of us had really ever noticed one without the distinctive yellow stripes (note: we are city kids. Feel free to ridicule us later, and remember – zombies always strike rural areas first. It’s a historical fact). I think what we saw might have been a Carpenter bee, which are native all along our coast, and apparently FRIGGING HUGE (seriously – click on that link only if you are not afraid of bees at all).

Common or no, this little dude looked the stealth version of a regular bee – awesome and kind of badass, and just a little creepy. The moral of the story? A little bit of yellow goes a long way, unless you are a spy.



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