10 pics from our New York Trip

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Dec 7, 2010
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Perhaps I’ve been to one-too-many museums, and that’s the reason why this next group of photos is a weensy bit artsy. Not artistic mind you, but artsy. The difference? One rhymes with fartsy.

  1. Rockerfeller Center (I think. I sometimes don’t pay proper attention to these things).

    I was going to photoshop a tiny Spiderman into this pic, but that wouldn't be accurate. He wasn't there today.

  2. Wardrobe malfunction, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    There was a statue of Justin Timberlake just out of view, looking mortified.

  3. Display of cameras, The Lab NYC.

    As the kids would say, this is, like, TOTALLY META. (Fact: I don't know what meta means.)

  4. Old horror movie poster, Chelsea.

    The good news is that Global Warming will kill us all before this is an issue.

  5. Self-portrait on honeycomb installation, Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    This is how Jeff Golblum sees the world.

  6. Vintage phone display for door-to-door salesmen, The Lab NYC.

    We had a rotary phone when I was a kid, so I hesitate to call them (and myself) "vintage."

  7. Looking for a mate, Meat-Packing District

    Try not to look so desperate, darling. Your match will come along, I'm sure.

  8. Crooked entryways, Chelsea Market

    This was a solid wall until that damn Kool-Aid man came along.

  9. Sarah Palin wuz here, near The High Line.

    It's not stupid. It's folksy and endearing.

  10. Obligatory self-portrait with Rand.

    In which we are not as cute as we usually are, but perhaps that's the ravages of time.

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