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Mar 10, 2011
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Rand and I spent a few days in Portland last week. As we always do, we talked about what it would be like it we lived there. It’s a silly little fantasy brought on by too much good food and time spent with friends who are just slightly too cool for us. I imagine the tattoos I’d get if we moved to PDX (something to do with old-timey astronomical navigation charts), and the flannel shirts I’d buy. For just a second, I imagine the person I’d be if I moved to Portland.

And I realize, she’s way too cool for me.

So while relocating there won’t happen anytime soon, I can hold my own for at least a few days. Want proof? Here’s 10 photos from our last trip down.

  1. Portland from afar.

    Not pictured: me, freezing my butt off.

  2. The city in a nutshell. A pesticide-free, sustainably-farmed nutshell.

    We might have started laughing hysterically when we saw this.

  3. Child with torpedo (from my visit to the OMSI – more on that next week).

    This looks totally sci-fi, right?

  4. Mural outside an indie video rental store, Portland’s east side.

    As though there's any other kind of video store in Portland besides indie.

  5. Aebleskiver (Danish pancakes) from Broder, with lemon curd and lingonberry jam.

    I may have bit my own finger while shoving these into my mouth in a mad frenzy. I admit nothing.

  6. Collection of fans at an antique store on the east side.

    $55 for an old appliance with faulty wiring that's probably a HUGE fire hazard? Sure. Whatever gives me street cred. Not that I care.

  7. Homemade pop-a-shot game, Spirit of 77 bar.

    Because regular pop-a-shot games are just too mainstream, apparently.

  8. Faking a septum piercing so I can better fit in.

    What amazes me is how well it worked.

  9. Lunch at Pok Pok, at the recommendation of the brilliant Jessica from WhyGoItaly.

    She is wise, wise woman.

  10. The “doctor” is in: perusing old x-rays at the antique store.

    He has a promising future with the TSA.

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