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Jun 13, 2011
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I love London. I’ve heard people complain that it’s too big and heartless, the locals too rude and impersonal, but I’ve never gotten that impression. I find the city vibrant and welcoming and a little quirky, and that goes double for most of its inhabitants.

And coming from the-perpetually-damp-Seattle, I can laugh when people complain about the weather there. “What’s that? It’s been raining for 2 straight weeks? WELL SEATTLE HASN’T HAD SUN SINCE 2009, SO SUCK IT.”

Plus, really, how can you complain about a town with entire stores dedicated to selling Victorian-themed sex novelties? Answer: YOU CAN’T. Here are ten photos from our trip to London (and neighboring towns) that might give you an idea of why it’s one of my favorite cities, rain or shine (though it’s usually rain).

  1. Weather indicator, the Churchill Museum. During WWII, signs like this one would hang on the wall of the Cabinet War Rooms, from which Churchill directed the war. Since the war room was in a windowless bunker underground, it was the only way to tell what the weather was like above. I just love how it can sound so British with just one word.

    Note: "Fine" weather in London usually means it's raining.

  2. Looking down Bridge Street towards the Parliament Clock Tower. Confession: I recently learned that “Big Ben” is not actually the name of the clock tower, but the name of the bell inside it. About 20 years after everyone else did.

    Also, I nearly wandered into the street to take this, but thought better of it. Shocking, right?

  3. American Fried Chicken restaurant sign, London. When my bus passed by this, I may have started giggling uncontrollably.

    Because they fail to specify which state the chicken is from, I'm going to go with Delaware.

  4. Treasures from the display window of Coco De Mer erotic shop, Covent Garden.  (LINK TOTALLY NSFW)


    I regret not buying this. The cup and saucer, I mean. YUP.

  5. Sticky Toffee Pudding, Black Swan restaurant, Ockam, Surrey. Don’t ask me how something with dates in it can be this good.

    I don't care WHAT you've heard. I totally shared this and did not eat it all by myself, including all of the caramel sauce, nor did I slap the waitress when she tried to remove my plate.

  6. The only thing more delectable than the dessert mentioned above (Ugh. Sorry. Sometimes I nauseate even myself.)

    I bet he's thinking about sticky toffee pudding, too.

  7. Sticker seen on my bus window, London. And while it’s far from perfect (so very far), perhaps one of my favorite photos, ever.

    This might be my new motto (amended slightly: "Explore everything ... and then have a snack.")

  8. Our friend Jon and his daughter at Richmond Park, Greater London.

    Hair by Ziggy Stardust.

  9. Pembroke Lodge and Gardens, Richmond Park.

    And - gasp - it was SUNNY.

  10. Bunny ears from a Storm Trooper (… wielding a bunch of disposable cups. Seriously – I wish I knew what was happening here).

    Isn't he kind of short for ... actually, nevermind. He's not.

    That’s just a glimpse of my last London experience. Reliving the visit in these photos has left me with an overwhelming desire to eat sticky toffee pudding for breakfast. So please pardon me, while I go try to justify that.

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