10 photos from Boston: historic bridges, creepy carousels, shameless making out.

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Jul 20, 2011
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At the risk of sounding truly lame and wishy-washy, I will say this: I love Boston and New York equally.

I know, I know, given the long-standing rivalry between these towns (one whose origins escape me – did it really start with baseball? I mean, really? Edit: Apparently no, it didn’t) what I’ve just said amounts to sacrilege. I might as well scream that Coca-Cola Classic and New Coke are equally delicious! That all iterations of the Doctor have their merits! (Yes, even that creepy little blonde dude who looked like Art Garfunkel.) That the new trilogy of Star Wars movies aren’t an insult to the entire Sci-Fi genre! AND THAT THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF JAR-JAR BINKS!

Ahem. Sorry. I went mad for a moment. I’m back now. The point that I was trying to make, if indeed I was trying to make one, is that, long-standing rivalries aside, Boston is perhaps the one city that’s as near to my heart as NYC.

When Rand and I concluded our trip to New York, I was not sad, as I usually am when departing from Manhattan, because we were headed to Boston next. And after three short hours on a train (yes, a train. How retro is that? Next we’ll be taking zeppelins. Note to self: buy Rand a monocle, top hat.) we arrived. Here are 10 photos from our trip, which hopefully will help you understand why I love it so dearly.

  1. Seinfeld poster, Back Bay train station.

    This was the first thing we saw when we stepped off the train from New York. Pretty sure it wasn't a coincidence.

  2. Foggy smokestacks, near M.I.T.

    Saw these on a painfully long walk from Cambridge to Boston, in search of cupcakes.

  3. Close-up of a creepy carousel, Quincy Market.

    "Let's give it orange eyes! Surely that won't scare the children."

  4. Lost in Boston …

    I was in the company of some lovely blurry chaps.

  5. Rusted metal railing, Longfellow Bridge.

    Supposedly two transportation workers were arrested for stealing and selling huge portions of the railing in 2008. How on earth they snuck away with it, I have no idea.

  6. Corn beef and chicken liver sandwich, Zaftig’s Deli, Brookline.

    I always feel like I should apologize to vegetarians when I post photos like this. I'm sorry, guys. Sorry YOU CAN'T EAT AWESOME MEAT.


  7. Foggy view from the Institute of Contemporary Art.

    This museum was inadvertently hilarious. More on that later.

  8. Offerings of remembrance, Holocaust Memorial, Boston.

  9. Someone takes a peek at patient penguins, New England Aquarium.

    I would very much like to have her job for a day.

  10. Obligatory make-out photo, Longfellow Bridge.

    Yeah, we're barf-inducing. Deal with it.


Is it possible to love two cities as different as New York and Boston equally? I say yes. If my mom can pretend she has two favorites, so can I.

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