Rand goes to Brazil. And photobombs himself.

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Aug 1, 2011

Last weekend, Rand went to Brazil and I went to Wichita (his prophecy: “Your experience will be more foreign than mine”). He showed me the only photos he took from his trip (courtesy of his cell phone camera) and it was a quiet reminder that he really DOES need to me to document his travels for him. Otherwise … sigh. 


Rand: Want to see my photos from Brazil?

Geraldine: Um, YES. Of course I do!

Rand: Check them out!

Geraldine: Um, baby?

Rand: Yeah?

Geraldine: … Nevermind. Did you have fun?

Rand: Yeah.

Geraldine: I can tell.


Did I mention I went to KANSAS and took about 600 photos? Yeah. 


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