Blog advice on a warm New York night.

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Sep 19, 2011

The place: a restaurant on the lower west side in Manhattan.

The time: a few weeks ago, on a very warm summer night.

The characters: Tom Critchlow (admitted smart-ass); me (totally not a smart-ass AT ALL).


Tom: You know what your blog needs?

Me: What’s that?

Tom: More photos of you and Rand kissing. There’s definitely not enough of those.

Me: Piss off, Tom.

But hey, since he literally asked for it …

New York, 2011.

San Diego, 2010.

Pacific Highway, Southern California, 2011.

Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego, 2010.

Stinson Beach, California, 2011.

San Marino, 2011.

Portland, 2011.

Roman Forum, 2011.


To the rest of you: Sorry for the nausea-inducing face-sucking. Clearly, I’m still in anniversary mode. It will be probably be gone by tomorrow. Maybe.

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