Why I’ve Stopped Asking My British Friends for Travel Advice

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Mar 12, 2012

There are times when the internet fails me. I’ll spend hours researching something, and I won’t come up with a definitive answer. Like last week, when I was working on a post about the British Museum, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out whether or not the Magna Carta was still housed there.

I found a floor plan that clearly said it was. But other sources said it had since been moved to the British Library. After quietly whimpering for a while, and then getting woefully distracted on Zappos for the better part of an hour, I decided to ask a few of my British friends about the whole matter.

Man, I was literally asking for it, wasn’t I? I really should be more careful about these things. Here was the response I received from my friend Rob:

And he wonders why I didn’t believe him when he told me that there used to be 240 pence to the pound.


P.S. – For those of you dying to know, Rob wasn’t ENTIRELY pulling my leg. The Magna Carta was moved to British Library several years ago, though apparently it had little to do with Nicolas Cage or Vikings. I know. I’m disappointed, too. 



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