Lunch at Munich’s Viktualienmarkt: Beer and Sausages

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Apr 19, 2012
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Munich was sunlit and warm when we visited a few weeks ago. So warm, in fact, that Rand and I – along with hundreds of other folks – were able to eat lunch outside at Viktualienmarkt downtown (I believe we were at the Schlemmermaier Sausage Stand, a name I cannot read, much less say, without erupting into a fit of delighted giggles. Germany is magical).

When we returned from our trip, someone asked if I had gotten my tan in Spain, and I shook my head.

“Bavaria,” I said. “I got a tan in Bavaria.”

I love saying that. It’s like telling someone you got frostbite in the Bahamas. Or quit drinking while in Vegas. Or got chlamydia while visiting the Vatic-

NO. Not going there. That’s an awful joke. In fact, I’m just going to shut my trap and let the photos do most of the talking for me. I hope you don’t mind. Nothing but filth comes out of my mouth anyway.

Here’s the tale of our lunch in Munich, with very few words to tarnish the lovely day:




More beer! (I literally don't know if I've ever seen him happier.)

More sausage! (I wish I could remember what I did to make him laugh while his mouth was full.)

Even more beer! (Okay, this is getting kind of repetitive.)

Pretzel! (Oh, good. That's something new. I can have all sorts of fun nonsense with this thing.)

Happy pretzel!

Sad pretzel.

More beer! (Bonus: a suspicious baby is now watching us!)

Aaaand that’s about it.

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