What Happens When You Leave Your Camera Unattended in South Africa

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Feb 25, 2013

This is Joel.

I have found that there are times when I am traveling with a group that someone needs to use the bathroom.

That’s probably not all that surprising, huh? You are probably thinking, “Um, yes, that happens to all of us, genius.” But I’d hope that your takeaway is that I am real and approachable and relatable and not just a stater of the obvious.

Even if, you know, I try to be relatable by totally stating the obvious.

“Cupcakes are awesome. Travel is great. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ROMANCE.”

Wow. I think I just summed up my blog (and my life) in three sentences. I feel weirdly satisfied. And also kind of empty. I should probably eat a cupcake.

Um … what was I saying? Oh, yes. Group travel.

There are times when someone has to pee. And they will often hand their possessions over to you before they head out in search of a bathroom (though there might be a rare breed that likes to take the camera into the toilet with them. And really, who I am to judge? KEEP THE MAGIC ALIVE HOWEVER YOU CAN, KIDS.)

I know that whenever someone has handed me their digital camera, I guard it carefully. And then I take a few photos of the inside of my nose, or possibly my butt. So that the person knows that I care.

Our friend Joanna ran to get a cappuccino while we waited in line at the Sagrada Familia. She came back to this beauty on her phone. (Also, several butt photos, too.)

I thought that this idea was clever and original, until it happened to me.

During our Africa trip, I went to the bathroom, and left my camera with Rand’s coworkers. Later, when I went through my photos, I found this:

And this …

And also this …

They go on for quite a while, actually. So I made a gif of them.


(I like it because of the subtlety.)

Of course, now that I’m on the receiving end of this sort of thing, my opinion has changed slightly. I still find that this is an incredibly clever and original idea.

But only when *I* do it.

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