10 Photos from Cape Town, South Africa

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Apr 1, 2013
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As hard as it was to leave the resort, Rand made it bearable by planning a few more days in Cape Town before we had to go home (you guys, he’s SO smart. There are days when I think I should marry him twice. Is that a thing? Because it should be).

We stayed near the water in Mouille Point, and waking up every morning to this view helped take the edge off of not being in Bushman’s Kloof:

I’m sure you’ll agree that while is it painfully free of Cape Mountain zebra and springbok, it’s still a pretty nice panorama. And there was lots more to love about Cape Town. Here are ten of my favorite photos from the third largest city in South Africa.

  1. Getting our bearings at the V & A Waterfront.

    Rand points out Vancouver, which is pretty darn close to Seattle, relatively speaking.

  2. Road leaving Cape Town on the way to Aquila Game Reserve.

    Even the rocks are pretty.

  3. Rand and I at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden (photobombing courtesy of Dina and Sam).

    I like to think that Rand is wearing a teeny tiny hand-shaped hat in this photo.

  4. V & A Waterfront, Cape Town.
  5. Triumphantly summiting a rock at Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden. –
  6. Rand sampling beer at Den Anker Belgian restaurant, V & A Waterfront.

    His pinkie AND index finger are up because he’s super classy and also the glass is REALLY small.

  7. Ginormous prawn appetizer, Moyo Restaurant.
  8. Imprisoned artwork, Kloof Street, South Africa.
  9. Road to nowhere, Langa Township, Cape Town.
  10. Waterfront boardwalk at Mouille Point, Cape Town. –

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