10 Photos From The Whitsundays

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Jun 4, 2013
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I know I’ve accosted you all with photo after photo of Hayman Island and the Great Barrier Reef. I hope you’ll forgive me if I post a few more, before moving on to Sydney.

Because, damn it, the islands were just lovely and maybe, just maybe, I want to squeeze my eyes shut and pretend that we’re still there. Except that this time it’s a little more affordable, and (as long as we’re dreaming) I look fabulous in a bikini, and there’s tons of free cake and baby sea turtles for everyone! (For clarification, I do not wish to eat the sea turtles. I only wish that they were frolicking around so that we could enjoy gazing at them while eating free cake.)

  1. Rand walking on the beach at Hayman Island before a storm.
  2. View from our seaplane during our tour of the reef.

    I realize all of these airplane photos are kind of an ad for Air Whitsunday, but you know what? They totally deserve it.

  3. The gears and dials on the cockpit of our seaplane.

    Surprisingly retro looking, are they not?

  4. The pool at Hayman Island, just before a storm.
  5. Heart-shaped reef in the Great Barrier Reef.

    If this isn’t Mother Nature’s way of telling us to all start making out immediately, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS.

  6. Rand strikes a pose on our seaplane, Whitsunday Airport.

    Don’t you love how my husband is cheesing it up while behind him the pilot is ACTUALLY doing things?

  7. Bleached out husk of a grasshopper, Hayman Island.

    I spent, like, 15 whole minutes examining this thing while Rand was looking for frogs. Damn, I’m glad we found each other. #nerdlove

  8. Another view of the Great Barrier Reef from our seaplane because ZOMG GREAT BARRIER REEF.
  9. Underwater cuddle while snorkeling in Blue Pearl Bay II.

    I love that it was called Blue Pearl Bay II. It sounds like a bad horror movie. Blue Pearl Bay II: REVENGE OF THE EARRINGS. Starring my brother.

  10. Above water cuddle, ibid.

    I like how Rand is still breathing through his snorkel, even though we’re now above water.

Aaaaand, that’s it, folks! Time for Sydney. 🙂

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