WTF Weds: David Duchovny Modeling In Paris

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Jul 24, 2013

I was walking around the 4th arrondissement in Paris when I saw this:

I had to stare at it for a few moments to fully grasp the awesomeness that was happening.

It’s David Duchovny – FOX MOULDER HIMSELF – modeling for some brand that we don’t have here in the states. It’s bizarre to the point of being amazing, right? And it’s so very random. I mean, if it were the mid to late 90s, I’d get it. That was Duchovny’s heyday. But IT’S 2008, PEOPLE.*

I know that this happens a lot – American celebrities do endorsements or ad campaigns exclusive to Europe or Asia. Sometimes, it makes perfect sense: George Clooney spends a good part of his year in Italy, so it’s not that surprising when you seen him all over the country – on TV, on billboards, on the side of buses, or jogging around Lake Como. In teeny tiny short shorts. Round and around the lake. Goodness, did someone drop something on the ground? You should probably bend over to pick it up, George …

I forgot what I was talking about.

Oh, right. Celebrity posteriors endorsements.

Like I said, sometimes the pairings make sense, and other times they’re rather strange. A friend of my told me about the time she visited a remote village in Japan and saw Tommy Lee Jones’ face on a vending machine. Apparently Jones is a huge fan of Japan, and he’s transcended the role of American movie star to become a part of their pop culture.

In that respect, I suppose that seeing David Duchovny in a clothing ad in Paris isn’t all that odd …

Except that the model he’s posing with looks worried that the old guy behind her might eat her.

*I’m bad at math. Also, I’m getting old.

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