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Nov 20, 2013
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I went to L.A. and brought him a toy train on a string. I figured it would go over well, and it did. I wasn’t really surprised.

He is my brother’s son, after all.

He dragged the train around with him, and then he showed it to Rand.


I guess it was his way of having a conversation, since real conversations are not quite within his grasp. Not yet. But strings? Strings are easy to grasp.

“See? You just pull the string like this. Rand? Hey, Rand? Are you listening? This is important.”

Then he saw me. And my camera.

And for someone who can’t yet talk (not really), he had a lot of questions.

What is that?

Is that a toy?

Is that for me?

Can I break it?

At the very least, you’re gonna let me drool on it, right? Right?


Sigh. Of course, little one. Drool away. On everything I have. My camera. My husband. The cockles of my heart.

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