WTF Weds: The Coolest Guy I’ll Probably Ever See, Niland, CA

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Feb 6, 2014

I know it isn’t Wednesday – I didn’t blog yesterday because I spent the entire morning and part of the afternoon downtown, participating in the largest gathering of people in Seattle, ever. It was strange and crazy and a bit magical.

And as I was flipping through my photos from Palm Springs, I came across a photo that was strange, and crazy, and a little bit magical. I took it in Niland, California, outside of the United Food Center. We were coming back from Salvation mountain (which is also strange, and crazy, et al, and I will be sure to tell you all about it next week), and I pulled into a parking lot so we could our bearings.

Rand saw him first, and as is his fashion, was able to distill the situation down to its essence in just a few words.

“That is clearly the greatest human being who has ever lived.”

I immediately grabbed my camera, because it was just too wonderful for words. The way he sat, casually chatting with his friend, suggested that he was a local. He wasn’t out making a statement, or trying to get attention. He was just heading to the grocery store.

And he’d even taken care to occupy only one parking spot.

Rand was right: this was, all of it, truly great.

“Are you sure it’s okay to take photos of him?” Eric asked me warily.

I nodded.

“If he asks me about it, I’ll just tell him the truth: that I wanted to take a photo of him, because I think he looks wonderful.”

Because, boy, did he ever.

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