Dad’s Village, at Dusk.

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May 6, 2014

My dad lives in a small Bavarian village about an hour outside of Munich. I usually don’t blog about it, even though it’s crazy adorable, because it’s also immensely sleepy and boring. The little hamlet shuts down after 6 or 7 pm on weekdays. And pretty much all day on weekends. And Mondays, too. It’s virtually closed whenever it rains, or if it’s chilly out, or when it’s too sunny to do anything. Also, on holidays dedicated to random saints you’ve never heard of (St. Klaus of Kartoffelsalat, St. Franz of Ausfahrts, and others*), which seem to happen every other day or so.

If someone could explain to me why St. Sigfried of Wochenender’s Day is celebrated on a Tuesday, that would be very helpful.

Also, the internet connection is very bad, so Rand has to work outside. Yes, his laptop is balanced on a stump.

The point is, there isn’t very much to do. I doubt you’d find it all that interesting. But that’s kind of why we love it. Sometimes, when life is really overwhelming and crazy (and for Rand, it often is), there’s nothing better that being bored out of your skull, you know?

When we were there last month, Rand and I took an evening walk through town. Everything was already closed. It was just the two of us, some cows, and the village night owls who were still up at the late hour of 7:15pm.


House that’s around the corner from my dad’s. Later in the spring, the entire side of it will be covered in flowers.


I think this was an old stable. Not sure if it’s still used, but we did hear some noises coming from inside (no way we were investigating that).

The church on the hill, at the start of our walk …

And how it looked on our way back home.


It was so incredibly dull. And kind of perfect.


*I made all of these up.

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