Taking a Selfie at the Washington Monument is Impossible

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Dec 17, 2014
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I feel this is a rather critical piece of information that you should know before visiting D.C.: if you endeavor to take a selfie at the Washington Monument, the task will not be an easy one.

From a distance, it is incredibly easy to take some pretty fantastic photos of structure, especially if you are by the Lincoln Memorial and looking across the reflecting pool:

I mean, COME ON.

But if you are standing next to it, it is infinitely more difficult.

Though I do really like the light in this picture, and damn it, I look pretty.


The tower is tall. Like, really tall. 555 feet, to be exact.

It’s the tallest structure in the city by a good 200 feet (D.C. has some pretty stringent laws around height limits for buildings), so you can see it from almost anywhere.

But when you are right next to it, it becomes really difficult to photograph yourself with it.



What are you even doing? Stop. Please.



I almost got it here, but then I realized that the monument looks like it’s growing out of my head like a weird horn.


Bottom line: just take photos of the monument on its own, or ask someone to take your picture.

Because taking selfies with it is just impossible. Though, to be fair, a lot easier than my attempts to take a selfie with a monkey.


P.S. – At night, there are little lights at the top of the monument that glow red and make it look like an angry robot.

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