My Book is Officially Out in the World.

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May 3, 2017
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My book came out yesterday. It is out there floating in the world, while I sit at home in my pjs eating cake and repeating the words “I am an author” to myself over and over again. To be fair, I have been doing this weekly since I was 8, but now it carries with it a sort of veracity it did not have before.

I say these words again. I want to shout them. There is frosting in my hair and I am not wearing a bra and this is the uniform of a woman who is ready to conquer the world and who also hopes that the UPS guy does not judge her for looking like she just escaped from a sleep study.

My inbox and social media pages have been flooded with messages from my friends. I’ve tried to keep up with them and can’t. They are wonderful and supportive and utterly unhinged. I love them all. I want to run from the attention and bask in it and also eat cake. It is like my birthday. In a way, it is. It is my book’s birthday.

A few months ago, my friend Mike told me he was going to buy 50 copies of my book and spell my name out with it. I laughed, and figured he was joking, and this is my fault because I’ve known Mike long enough to have guessed that he was not. If Mike and I were in grade school, the teachers would make us sit across the room from one another and then send notes home to our parents saying that we are a bad influence on one another. The last time we were left to our own devices without Rand or Mike’s beloved calmly vetoing our plans, he and I ended up fully dressed and soaking wet in the middle of a pool. There were other victims, but we were the instigators.

Yesterday, Mike posted this to Facebook.


HE BOUGHT 50 COPIES OF MY BOOK AND SPELLED OUT MY NAME. I cackled like a fiend when I saw it.

And then my friend Pete made this.

And Tim and Alyssa did this (which is super cute but I’m putting a SEIZURE WARNING on it. High five to my neurologically temperamental brothers and sisters.)

And Melanie made this.

And Chrissy and Skye sent me this:


And Charlene tweeted this:

And Brad (who also bought way, way too many copies of my book) took this silly photo of himself and put it on the internet for everyone to see.


It went on and on. Basically everyone in my entire life started emailing me or tweeting at me or posting to Facebook and Instagram and a bunch of new social media platforms that I’ve never even heard of. And then people who I didn’t even know in real life started doing it. I just kept seeing photos of that bright coral cover again and again.


And then an excerpt of my book appeared in The Globe & Mail. And tomorrow I’m speaking at Town Hall in Seattle (*cough-cough* tickets are still available).

It’s been overwhelming and crazy and wonderful.

To everyone who has supported me, and this blog, and now the book: thank you. If you left a comment, or followed me on Twitter, or visited the blog, or BOUGHT WAY TOO MANY COPIES OF MY BOOK, then you helped make this happen, and I can’t begin to tell you how much all of that means to me. This has been a very strange and wonderful ride and I’m just trying to enjoy every single minute of it.

I have cake in my hair. I am not wearing pants. I am living the dream.

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