The week in travel: July 30, 2010

30th Jul, 2010

Everything has been a little off this week. I suspect the full-moon was partially to blame. Or maybe…

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So THAT’s where they come from …

29th Jul, 2010

-I didn’t realize you could just walk into a drugstore and find them next to the panty shields.…

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What can brown do for you? Kick your ass, that’s what.

Rand and I were wandering around in L.A. last week (did I mention that nobody walks in L.A.?…

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10 photos from our trip to Portland and surrounding wine country

28th Jul, 2010

- Forgive me if this post isn’t funny. I swear, it isn’t my fault. I’ve been trying to…

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Dick Move, 1st Class A-hole

27th Jul, 2010

Forgive me for getting straight to the point on this one. But here’s my shouldn’t-be-at-all-shocking-but-nevertheless-is revelation: First Class…

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The Facist Farmer Strikes Again

26th Jul, 2010

Rand and I drove down to Portland a few weeks ago for his birthday. It’s a drive we…

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The week in travel: July 23, 2010

23rd Jul, 2010

I tried to figure out where this week went, and then I realized that two days of it…

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Superfluous Travel Item I Need (Kinda): Suitcase Stickers

22nd Jul, 2010

Okay, fine – this isn’t exactly a STINK that I need. After all, I don’t need to spend…

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