10 Photos from our trip to Paso Robles, CA

30th Sep, 2010

1. Horizon Airlines plane, Santa Barbara Airport – 2. Spotted near the Danish town of Solvang, CA.

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Changing the name on a ticket, without fees

- Disclaimer from my legal team (a.k.a., the voice inside my head that’s see one too many episodes…

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WTF Wednesday: Exhibitionists at the Santa Barbara Airport

29th Sep, 2010

I am not an exhibitionist. I may wear my heart on my sleeve, but let it be known…

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Dick Move, Plaza Inn and Suites at Ashland Creek

28th Sep, 2010

I’ve been alluding to the experience of which I’m about to tell you for a while now. And…

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Geeking out at the Sci-Fi Museum

27th Sep, 2010

My friend Lauren came up to see me a few weeks ago for my birthday. She hopped on…

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The Week In Review: September 24, 2010

24th Sep, 2010

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind, and as a result, I missed posting the hodge podge…

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The Danish village of Solvang, CA.

23rd Sep, 2010

Sometimes, I find it’s very easy to predict what I’d like. For example, if you took me to…

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WTF Wednesday: many Geraldines, and one tattoo.

22nd Sep, 2010

My name is fairly unusual. I’ve rarely met another one – so the fact that my aunt happens…

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