Why Opt-Out Day went bust, and why there’s still hope

30th Nov, 2010

- Folks, forgive me for writing about the TSA yet again. I promise, I’ll get back to blathering…

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10 pictures from Seattle’s snOMG storm.

29th Nov, 2010

Last week, it snowed in Seattle. It’s not a common occurrence here. We are accustomed to our precipitation…

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The week in travel, TSA edition: Nov. 24, 2010

24th Nov, 2010

I need to get cracking, folks – Seattle is under a heap of snow, the roads are iced…

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20 (semi-travel-related) things for which I am thankful

Having spent the last few days whining (yes, I admitted it) about the injustices that the TSA has…

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My experience with the new TSA screenings

22nd Nov, 2010

When I was 15, I had my first boyfriend. On our first date, he took me out to…

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The week in travel: November 18, 2010

19th Nov, 2010

The blog’s been a little slow this week, folks, and my apologies for that. I blame the Seattle…

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TSA X-ray pics too racy for Facebook

18th Nov, 2010

Earlier this week, I started the Facebook Group Say No to Full-Body Airport Scanners. I found this picture…

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WTF Wednesday: My family is trying to kill me.

17th Nov, 2010

I love my family. And I’m fairly convinced that at least some of them love me. Nevertheless, it…

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