2010 resolutions, revisited.

10th Jan, 2011

2011, it seems, is hell bent on keeping me from getting stuff done. Last week I was waylaid…

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The Week: Jan. 7, 2011

7th Jan, 2011

Folks, I am still trying to shake a wicked cold that has been with me for pretty much…

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Everything you need to know about catching a taxi in Bulgaria.

6th Jan, 2011

Sometimes, you get taken for a ride, in every respect. I’ll be honest: when Rand and I first…

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WTF Wednesday: Coolest Mailman Ever.

5th Jan, 2011

Southern California is a different world. There are those who are compelled to tell you otherwise. They claim…

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10 photos from our San Diego, CA trip

4th Jan, 2011

I am sick. Like, wrapped up in a promotional Snuggie given to me after one of my husband’s…

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My family is nuts: the Christmas edition

3rd Jan, 2011

I have much to tell you. There are still trips from 2010 that I have yet to blog…

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