A Night in San Francisco (A Play in Two Acts)

20th Feb, 2012

The Scene: San Francisco, on a chilly night.   The Characters: Geraldine, who is totally awesome. Rand, who…

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The Week: February 17, 2012

17th Feb, 2012

The new blog design is up. The bugs are being addressed. I’ve eaten more than my fair share…

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12 Ways to Make Your Travel Photos Awesomer

16th Feb, 2012

- How does the old adage go? Photos without people in them are merely postcards? Something like that.…

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Warning Signs on the Way to Montjuic

15th Feb, 2012

Every time I travel to Europe, I am consistently amused by the warning signs I encounter (as far…

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WTF Weds: German Nachos

We were walking near La Rambla in Barcelona when we saw this sign: – For those of you…

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Happy Billy Ray Valentine’s Day

14th Feb, 2012

It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m sure a lot of you are prematurely wincing in anticipation of the sappiness…

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Tuesday Reverie: Unflattering Photos

Just a reminder kids, that vanity will get you nowhere. It’s why Charlize Theron got an Oscar after…

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New Design Up, Complete With Bugs!

13th Feb, 2012

I am truly excited to have the new site design up (it was created by the lovely and…

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