Lunch at Munich’s Viktualienmarkt: Beer and Sausages

19th Apr, 2012

- Munich was sunlit and warm when we visited a few weeks ago. So warm, in fact, that…

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Black and White Cookies, Amerikaners, and Harmony in Munich.

- I am constantly thinking that I know best. My viewpoint can be so myopic that I have…

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The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, Mount Vernon

17th Apr, 2012

- I’ve never been much of a sucker for flowers. Ultimately they start to wilt, no matter how…

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Hotel Monaco, Portland, Oregon

16th Apr, 2012

- I don’t get interior decorating. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise to anyone. I can…

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The Week: April 13, 2012

13th Apr, 2012

It’s been a rather crazy week – I’ve had my old friend Katie visiting, and I’m so busying…

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House Rules For A Childhood Friend

12th Apr, 2012

My friend Katie is coming to visit. By the time this post goes live, she’ll be here. I…

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Reflections on a lost elephant

10th Apr, 2012

- I intended to hang on to the elephant for longer. Rand bought him for me on a…

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