Red Lipstick on the Thames (a haiku)

30th May, 2012

He leans to kiss me, But stops; sees my red lipstick, And leaves me hanging. – -

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Pix-Bar, Covent Garden, London

- I have given up trying to get to Patisserie Valerie, which everyone and their brother tells me…

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WTF Weds: Cockney Rhyming Slang

Words are funny little things. I know, because I spend most of my days wrestling with them, trying…

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Madrid: Then and Now

29th May, 2012

Our most recent trip to Madrid was our first visit to the city in four years. The last…

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Sculptural Awesomeness, Madrid

28th May, 2012

While walking around Madrid, Rand and I saw this sculptural relief on the facade of the building, done…

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The Week: May 25, 2012

25th May, 2012

I seem to have left my brain somewhere. Not only was I unaware of the month and date,…

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Madrid, Churros, And The Universe

24th May, 2012

There are times when I feel like maybe I’m asking a little too much of the universe (“Give…

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10 Things Kids Today Would Never Believe About Flying in the 1980s

23rd May, 2012

- There are days when I feel far older than my 31 years (Wait, am I 31? What…

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